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Cfl and led questions

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by spook666, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering about the lighting I want to use. :confused_2:

    I would be doing a closet grow with 2ft D x 5ft W x 6ft H. I want to do a ScOG aswell.

    Okay soo...

    I was thinking about going with 2 GroUFO LEDs 1 on each side and 1 CFL in the middle. Like this : o ! o ... lol

    or would it be better to go with 2 CFL and 1 GroUFO Like this : ! o ! ...?

    and should I get 2 different spectrums of CFL lights 1 for vegetation and 1 for flowering?

    and should I go with a 125 watt or a 200 watt?

    or multiple 26 watt CFLs?

    Thanks a lot in advance hopefully I can get some good info from everybody. :)
  2. I'm not quite sure what the purpose would be of adding a CFL if you have two UFO's - although that said, more watts = more growth.
  3. I grow with cfls and i got myself a 125 watt sungod komee mini lotus off ebay and that is kicking ass this grow lol
  4. I was thinking that by adding the CFL that I could use the 2 different spectrums. so I would use the 1 for veg and 1 for flowering.
  5. Get the 26 watt bulbs. You can place them all around your plant.
  6. Yeah good idea i have 4 of the taller table lamps with a y splitter with 23 watts
  7. Ok that sounds like a good idea thanks guys!

    and 1 more question seeing as I will be going with 2 ufo lights how many 26ers would be good? like should i get the equivalent of 200 watts or 125 watts?

    and will I need to get the 2 different spectrums or would 1 be good and if 1 which 1? lol
  8. What size are the UFO's and how many watts do they put out? Reason im asking is you may be able to get more watts for 1 led light rather than buying 2 ufos
  9. I would still go with like 6 per plant at least and i just use!2700k for flowering
  10. Ya i was actually thinking of going with a solarflare full cycle after doing more research.

    So my plan is 1 solarflare and 6 26 watt cfls of each spectrum. i will switch them out for veg and flowering.

    I plan on growing 1 thc bomb and 1 widow bomb strain.

    And once I get this up and running I will do a grow log.

    Might be a few months seeing as I have to set everything up!

    Thanks everyone
  11. Good luck

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