CFL and lamp compatibility

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  1. If I have a 26 watt CFL bulb that is equal to a 125 watt incandescent bulb, and I get a lamp that says it supports a certain watt incandescent bulb, do I look at what my CFL bulb is equal to, or what the actual wattage is to see if the lamp supports my CFL? thanks
  2. Actual watts
  3. Generally, a lamp socket is going to be rated "up to" more than "only for." I use 27w and 23w, and 46w, and 64w, and 150w bulbs in the same socket.

    I personally think that using a 6" clamp light reflector (medium sized) is the perfect size. They sell for about $4 each. I plan on each CFL light costing me about $7 to set up. Cheap in the beginning but pretty expensive for what you get out of them on a larger scale.
  4. This. Always look at the actual watts.

    You're going to need more than one 26 watt bulb if you plan on growing though. You can get Y splitters at any hardware store that you can use to double your lights, but 100 actual watts is the recommended minimum so you're going to need 4 of those lights.

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