CFL (946 True watt) -YEPS- 25 plant- Dj Short, Grape Krush,SSH,Sour D(soil)+SOG+Seed

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    Hello Everyone...

    This should be fun...
    (Yep) :wave:

    I thought i would share with y'all my current grows...

    My short story...

    This is my 3rd what I call learning grows...
    1st 10 bag seeds- 8 grew-6 males(chopped) 2 full flower
    in 110 degree 2x3 closet one fan and tin foil covered walls... Oh Yeah... Tin foil Bebe... oh and a 150 hps... saved the grow..
    2.5 ounces smoked OK.. not great but .. 2ND try -Dyed week 5 flower same set up... (Over nutrients and way hot)=Death 8 fems..

    As for me...
    I have grown and sold-trade Bonsai type trees for 15 years now... lol... I have a clue...
    I was just playing around 1st 2 grows...

    Today and Now:
    Decided to stop playing and grow something... It took 3 trips to home depot and a few to walmart then 2 trips to the Hydro store, 2 trips to favorite dispensary.. A total of around $400 give or take...

    This is what ya get:
    DJ short Grape Krush ( 1 teen already in soil )
    Super Silver Haze ( 1 Clone in cube roots showing )
    Sour D (1 Seed)

    I already had a 150 watt HPS lite
    26 w (100) x 21
    32 w (75) x 1
    65 w (300) x 5

    946 True Watts
    3615 Watts+150=3765 total
    This is between the flower room and veg room...

    Veg room Mix of 2700/6500

    Flower Room Mix 6500/2700
    HPS 150

    Played around... Miracle grow sucks... slow release nuits fry...
    so changed to my mix:
    1 bg Fox farm ocean forest
    4 bags earthgrow potting soil
    2 bags green mix organic blends
    1 sm bg MG Organic choice Blood meal
    1 sm bg MG Organic choice Bone meal
    Bis ass bag of prelite
    med bag of peat moss
    sand for top of soil

    Fox farm Grow big

    Hydroplex Bloom Max
    M.O.A.B Mother of all blooms

    Used foam walls( Comes in large sheets at home depot )to build a 6x7 foot room inside a empty bedroom then put a wall between to
    split for Veg/Flower...
    a few small fans
    4 inch in-line with a charcoal scrubber and home made silencer
    Home made fixtures for CFL's
    Access to window through wall
    Vent tubing
    low-60 High-84 AVE-65 to 78

    Once a week at most... Due to large moss content
    Dumb ass little fly's that eat fallen leaves... ( sand blocks there food ) They go bye bye...

    Getting late way more to add tomorrow. The story has just started...
    heres a few more pics...

    I hope you enjoy this grow with me and please any advice comments and such are welcome...

    Im looking to learn,share,laugh,smoke and grow with the MMJ movement here in SO CA... Sup Sup... Will update in AM...Nite People...

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    More pics...

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  3. Yeps420,

    I merged all 4 of your threads into 1 thread. You only need 1 journal, but all were just a little different. I didn't know which one to keep, so you should edit the first post with all the info you want and delete out the other three posts.

    I put the one with the pics first, so you wouldn't have to reload them.

    Welcome to GC,

  4. Thank you.
  5. Lets see if I can break this down and get this journal up to date...

    I started Mid-December with one teen Dj Short Grape Crush in soil...

    After a couple trys I have leaned to cut and clone.. (will break my cloning down later)

    I got 10 Grape clones into soil and going good...

    Went and picked up a Super Silver Haze Bebe clone in a cube..

    A few weeks later cloned 8 off her . My 1st Grape went into 12/12 a Little later another followed then SSH went...

    One day I was smoking some good Sour D and Bam... Seed ... Oh my... Found a bag seed i had saved and gave it a go...

    A little later 2 new plants into soil... Cloned 5 off the Sour D and then she went into 12/12 hoping for fem... Fingers crossed...

    Didn't bother cloning bag seed.. Was hoping for male to make seeds... Into 12\12...

    Super silver haze turns....

    Female... Yahoo...

    Few week later looking at Bag seed... Yep A boy... Yahoo X2

    set up a Micro gro in separate room closet , Bag Boy-1-Grape Crush-1-Super Silver Haze

    together in a large container and in to 12\12 they go.

    Around mid FEB- 1 Have a veg room and a Flower room..

    moved things around. Did this and that... learned alot about Lights,Nuits,air,water,pest,heat and more...

    Decided after frying my 1st Grape Crush her whole life. to know what I'm doing so I learned about Soil mix and Nuits...

    I think I've come up with a great mix... Fox farm is good stuff but cost is a joke...

    By now I'm vegging around 18 and have 5 full flower...

    Dj Short Grape Crush Plant #1 is just about ready to cut come March 1st.. so i throw her into darkness for 2 day after flushing with clean water last 2 watering's then letting her dry out last week before darkness... Shes cut, manicured and in a brown bag as we speak... a little over a week into dry and cure...

    Grape plant #2 which was in good soil well feed and kept short is a couple weeks from being ready

    and One sour D and Super Silver Haze are about 7 weeks from ready..

    One thing I haven't done up till now is keep dates and info... Didn't think i would be doing a journal and I've always grown with eyes touch and gut feeling..


    I set up 2 Large 3x2x3 (guessing) containers and put 5 plants into each for a go at a SOG grow...

    I throw the last of my rooted clones into 6 in cups of soil (was 7 plants-2 taking to long so cut)

    so today:

    1 cut and drying.

    4 Lady's in 5 gal buckets well into 12\12

    15 vegging and waiting for 1st wave to finish up...

    3 in 12\12 for seed

    Going to clone 6 more for Bosai Mothers and grow outside over summer then keep inside for winter.

    After 2nd wave everything will be taken down packed up and put away till I set up for a try at a HYDO grow.

    Trying to learn everything i can... Passion bebe.. love it... lol...

    Side Note:
    I Have my MMJ card and hold 4 others for people im helping.. well under my allowed limet and besides,
    Everything I post is fiction. not real,photoshoped pics and fake events... I would never grow the evil weed...:eek: ;)

    That said: :smoke:
    I was saying:smoking: ?

    Over the next few days I will break down as best i can each step and post pics.. see If there' some pointers anyone cares to share..

    Speaking of which. Here's a few of the room back in mid JAN-


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  6. Heres Some Little ladys in my Seed-clone-Veg set up...

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  7. Here we have my S.O.G Set up before and after.. as of this week...
    There are 3X Super Silver Haze
    3X Grape Crush
    4X Sour D

    In the cups you see There Are :
    3X Grape Crush
    3X Super Silver Haze

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  8. A few More Of my S.O.G set up..
    The tall plant in cup is S.S.H Top cut that had to re-veg...

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    Here is my 1 wave line up...
    3X Dj Short Grape Cruch
    1x Super Silver Haze
    1X Sour D
    1X Bag Seed ( Turned Male )

    All in 5 Gal Buckets Named them ( GC 1-3 )
    ( SSH 1 )
    ( SD 1 )
    ( BS 1 )

    My Mix of Soil. Nuits every other water,PH 6.5 No big bumps after CG 1

    CG1 was in MG soil and MG Bloom max and burned heavy...

    All Others are looking great...
    Let me know what you think...

    Heres the Line UP...
    SD 1 at around 5 weeks

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    Here is S.S.H 1 : 5 Weeks

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  11. Here is Grape Crush-GC 3 (Week-4)

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  12. Here is GC 2 (Week-7)

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  13. ha plant looking good but this is retarded. why not just get a mh/hps system? doesnt matter how many cfls you have a mh/hps will always beat it
  14. Here is GC 1 ( Week 5 ) 2-3-12 This is the first Plant that I bought... Cloned around 30 off her and never treated her right.:( Bad Yep...
    Well. I payed the price on this one.

    She is in her jar as of today and final weight is in...:eek: Yep... ??? What is it you say...

    Tell you at the end of her little life story here...

    Next 4 post:
    GC 1 (Week 5)
    (Week 7)
    (6 days Before cut)

    Then Final Jar Pic: :hello:

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  15. Sup Bear.

    I would start with Less Heat,cost less. I can have small and tall in the same room. movable. close as a inch from lower growth means no Popcorn bud. Tho I do have a single HPS 150 W in the middle of room.

    There is all kinds of Info on whats been out there forever.. well since the mid 70's at least...
    Not much info out there on CFL's. I could follow a recipe like anyone else...
    I like trying the new thing.
    This is a test and learning grow as I'm not in a place i could really get crazy at.
    The real test will be the second wave. 10-15 plant S.O.G grow.. All Light on top clean cut under. That's going to be fun.
    Did I mention you can break a few CFL's off and set up a micro go if need comes up..
    Like say a male pops up and you want to seed out 3 strains for later...
    Hard to do with other Lights.
    Not that I'm a hatter at all. I'M betting a combo of all would be best.
    I figure when I try Hydro I will go mh/hps then second grow use these cfl's.

    Yep I have a long way to go but damn Im loven the trip..
    Thanks for looking bro
  16. GC 1 ( Week 7 ) 2-14-12

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  17. ok well experiment away. i think this is the most cfls iv seen ever haha
  18. GC 1 (6 days Before cut)2-25-12
    This is where The MG slow release Nuits Kick in.. :(
    Atleast thats what Im going with :rolleyes:

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  19. Yep. thats what Im going for. Big. Latz...
  20. GC 1 ( Cut and In Box ) 3/6/12
    She had a hard time of it.;)

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