Cfl + 400W HPS 1st Grow GrapeFruit Kush Flowering *HD Pics*

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  1. Hi, I would like to say thanks to all that helped me trough my first grow.. I didnt want to start a journal as i didnt know if they will survive.. but anyway.. better later than never..!
    My grow room is in a closet (1.5 x 4 x 8 ) 4 x 40w cfl for veg and a 400w hortilux for flowering. 120 cfm bathroom fan for exhaust and 2 normal fan in the grow room, temps are 80 during day and 72 during night..
    Botanicare pure blend pro for veg and canna terra flores, with rhyzotonic, cannazym and pk13/14 for flowering.
    I have 2 plants, 2 x bagseed grapefruit kush.. 1 turned out to be a kush the other one is more sativa (unknown)..
    It was realy rough as first grow i was trying to get rid of yellowing of my bottom leaves anyway i tried a lot of things : flush, more nutes, less nutes, epsom salt, cal mag ,tap water, bottled water, nothing works .. my ph is always 6.2-6.5.. if anyone here has an idea..please!
    Anyway it survived all this and i have alot of pics during grow.. and here are some pics of flowering 12/12 since 25 days.. i will post pics from veg if anyone want to see em.:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    You guys can post comments and advices as it is my first grow and im still learning..​


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  2. It looks like a mix of problems to me.

    I'm thinking that its a Zinc deficiency also mixed with maybe a Potassium deficiency.

    I'm new to growing my self so I'm not 100% sure either. :bongin:
  3. Heres a little update .. Day 31:smoke::smoke::smoke: Flowering

    send some feedbacks!!

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  4. Update Day 34 ..check them full screen its the best..

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  5. That last picture is primo, man.

  6. thanks :smoke:
  7. If those were mine I'd stare at it for at least 2 hours a day...there just that gorgeous.

    I'm almost scared to flower my "girl" if its male I will be devastated.

  8. I am staring at them every free time i have .. thats 4 sure

    dont worry about them get male.. i tought mine too would be males.. but keep yourself telling they are gonna be females.. this is my 2nd try.. first time my clone didnt survive..
    good luck
  9. Day 38 update .. damnnnn had to share:cool::smoke:

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  10. They seem to be filling in nicely dude.
  11. Thanks Man +rep
  12. Lookin really nice..

    Why do they call it grapefruit?
  13. Maybe it's because it grows big fat fruits :D
  14. Nahh i think its because it taste like grapefruit... I found like 5 seeds in a half oz when i bought it last winter..
  15. Day 44 update ... it smells so much ... its crazy .. i think another week and half and im harvesting this thing..:cool::cool::smoke:

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  16. Good stuff man, I take it the odor is not an issue for you? What's the height on that lady?

  17. nah man odor is not an issue .. i smoke inside the house.. but when i pass by the closet .. smell is insane.. shes like 3 1/2 feet ... when i put it in flower she was only 1 1/4 feet.. i think it would grow more but i had only 1 gal pot.. so i think next time ill try 2 gal pot..

    Friend of mine is about to give me an Dinafem Blue Widow Clone in next days so ill post pics of that too..
  18. day 56 flowering.. i started flushing at day 50 with ph water and fancy unsulfured molasses.. all leaves are dying but i think its normal from what i read..
    Check them full screen ...

    Also if somebody can tell me how much time left ...

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  19. Don't mean to necropost.. but I gotta ask because I'm currently vegging 3 Grape Fruit Kush plants (from seed). How long did you let her go before harvesting? In your last photo (Day 56) it appears that it could definitely have been flowered for another week. I've read reviews on this particular strain, but would like your opinion -- Did it smoke as 'smooth and creamy' as described by Next Generation Seed Company?

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