CFL 30 days flowering...ladies got issues!!!(pix included)

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  1. hey all
    this is my second grow under cfls, 2 female lemon skunk and 1 jack herer which turned out to be a male :/ no worries tho coz im hopin to get seeds out of this grow snce its hard to get seeds where i live..anyways

    both skunks are too short and they are loosing their fan leafs starting with an upward curl then dying slowly plus the main stem is reddish im not sure what am i doin wrong ... i expected thm to be atleast as good as the first grow but this is disappointing!

    ive been vegetating for 30 days and flowering for another 30 days..i couldnt let em veg longer due to lack of space
    they've been growing under 250 actual watts of 2700k cfls scattered around them about 1 to 4 inches away in a 3fx3fx6f box

    where i live its hard to find foxfarm compost or tiger bloom feeding so im goin with what i got which is:

    soil: J.Arthur Bower's multi-purpose compost mixed with perlite and miracle grow organic bone meal(i mixed sum in my last transplant which was 2 days ago)
    ph: 6.5 to 6.8 for the water ..not sure about the soil tho
    temp: 78 to 85 when lights on
    feeding: for veg i used baby bio npk 10.6-4.4-1.7 and flowering Miracle grow Bloom Booster Flower food npk 15-30-15(used it once so far)
    pot size: till 2 days ago i was growin in small pots about .5 gallon i think but now they're in a 3gallon pot except the male is still in the same old one
    fan: 2 small fans and a small water a/c
    ventilation: yes
    CO2: the old sugar and active yeast mix
    molasses:eek:rganic blackstrap molasses

    i water whenever the pot feels light when i left it thats almost every 4 to 5 days (guess its gonna take longer now that im usin the 3 gallon pot)

    i dont know wat else to do to improve my grow im not sure if the problem was with the size of the pot or the temp or is it nutrient deficiencies maybe with the P so anyone can please shed some light on this
    coz really i dont know wat else to do here and im sure if some of the experts here can tell me wat am i doin wrong
    thnk u

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  2. yea i know...keepin it to get seeds from the lemon skunk female!

    anyone got an idea on how to improve this grow????
  3. In my limited experience I might suggest next time your soil is dry, flush the soil with filtered or distilled water to get all the nitrogen out. Something is wrong with your girls, hopefully just using P and K and not much if any N in flowering will help.
  4. thats what im doin atm ...but i can barely see any changes...

  5. guys its been 4 days now and my plants are dying a lil more each day ....can anyone please help..a quick question ..where can i find this epsom salts? pharmacies?
  6. they have been burnt bad flush a lot
  7. Yes, try the ES.

    1/4 tsp/gal water.

    That seems to be the overall commonality.
    There are unique things wrong to each plant

    Keep the ph where it is and do this treatment,
    and at least it will stabilize them.
    Then deal with each one on an individual basis.

    Lotsa work, but well worth it.


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