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  1. Hello!:) Can someone give me their opinion on temps ? I read here that plants need time to rest so I've been using 20/4. The problem is that my temp is dropping from a steady 75 with lights on, to 55 for those 4 hours the light are off. They are 11 days old and look great (4+ inchs), they do have quite a few purple leaves from the cold but look really healthy. Theres no way for me to heat them when the lights are off, thats not a option. So, should I continue letting them get so cold or would it be o.k. to run them 24/0 and let the temps stay at a even 75 ?
    Another kwik question. If I am using (20) 6500K 26 watt bulbs and its time to switch to 12/12, can I just switch out half (10) with 2700K ? Or would it be better to switch out all the bulbs with 2700K ? I have access to the bulbs so cost doesn't really matter. Thank you for any advice or just reading!

    PS. This forum is goldmine of knowledge, thanks to everyone who post here.:wave:
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    they say 75 is optimal temp.

    i have never heard a plant needs rest...i run 24/7 on veg...12/12 on flower..

    if you can figure out some electrical device that puts off some heat put it in there with them on a separate timer...

    i would recommend just going 24/7 on veg...them girls can rest when you flip to 12/12...

    on the cfls....go with the 6500k for veg and the 2700k for flower...i hear that is best..myself i run both during veg and go hid for flower..

    good luck

  3. And to add to AK's dont have to switch to entirely 2700K for flowering. Leave a few of the 6500K in there, having both spectrum is good for the plant.
  4. Sorry were editing as I was typing over ya!!
  5. 55 is right on my line, 1 degree lower and I would be looking at bringing in some heat. I concur with the above, run the lights 24/7 while you veg.
  6. Damn that was fast!!! Thank You, much easies to just leave on for now. I am probably only going to go 12/12 for a couple weeks and most likely move them outdoors and try to do a early and normal outdoor harvest. Thanks again.
  7. hi,
    i hope you are in the southern hemisphere because its winter in the northern one...if you go 12/12 for two weeks and set them out I hope your already losing daylight...we are gaining in the northern hemisphere...this will signal your plant to VEG...declining light induces flowering..

  8. I am in central Calif., I figure on putting them out on March 10 or so last frost. I am growing C99 and I need roughly 55-60 days.I thought they would still continue to flower as long as they dont get more than 14 hours of light? Am I wrong:confused:? Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  9. hi,
    right now we are gaining minutes each day till june 21 then we start losing again...

    IMO you wont be doing your plant any good if you induce flowering then set it outside into an increasing photo may want to wait...your plant will sense the change. it wont take it long to figure out that something is wrong and it will try to save itself and more than likely self pollinate.

    of course i dont know everything and i especially dont know about your strain...

    guerilla gold is an autoflowering strain so maybe yours will be ok...thats something i could not help with..

    i hope that helps

  10. Wow,I will have to some checking before I do. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I thought as long I was under like 14 hours they would flower. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks again! Any more thoughts?
  12. What would the difference in heat be between HPS and CFL if you compare exact wattage of the two. Say (24) 26 watt CFL 6500K compare to a 600 watt HPS setup?
  13. ive never compared the two, but in a set space ( say 5' x 5') I would think the single 600w HPS would have a much lower temp than running 24 26w cfls

    but, im not 100% sure, cause ive never seen that many CFLs in a spot. The most ive seen is 10, and that gets fairly warm (not hot though)
  14. Thanks amoril, thats what I was hoping to hear.:)

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