CEVs with an Online Dream Machine

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    Found this today and thought it was pretty cool.

    "A dreamachine is viewed with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain's electrical oscillations." More detailed info on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamachine.

    I first tried it sober and it worked decently but I just tried it high and the visuals became much clearer, so I highly recommend smoking before trying it. Basically you just turn off the lights in the room and close all the shades to make it as dark as possible. Then you close your eyes and bring your face close to your monitor and stay there as the visuals behind your eyelids continue to develop. I saw some swirling colors and geometric patterns.

    Try it out here:
  2. it didnt do anything for me...but then again its uncomfortable for me to get up to my monitor and relax and shit...but I bet if i wasn't so stoned i could clean the area around the monitor and push it forward, but its stand is my wall.
  3. I don't fucking trust that shit... I'm not trusting.

    I'm afraid some scary shits gunna pop out...
  4. ^^^ it wont, bro. promise:cool:
  5. Ive done that shit before, pretty crazy to just stare off at, or the CEV technique works too, shrooms or acid are a shitload better though haa
  6. Am I crazy as shit, or the only one that has the imaginative capacity to have CEV's any time.

    Now, of course these are nothing like a hallucinogen would create, but still a visual.
  7. No, you are normal. I have the same thing. When Im high or sober(works better high) I can create minor to major visuals by concentrating and kinda staring off.

  8. damn your lucky, wish I could do that. And swisher im from the 415 too, thats were its at! :smoke:
  9. maybe im just high, but thats spookin the shit outta me
  10. Whoa dude i dont know about that shit
  11. bout to try it , seems legit :rolleyes:
  12. nah man, I do too...A lot of green and purple blobs floating and crashing into each other, mixing and shit. thats while I'm sober too...hahah:cool:

    hell yeah; right on mang

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