Certain smoke spots that trip you out?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by metalhead13, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Every night I head over to this secluded park at the end of my street to have my nightly toke. Idk what it is about smokin over there that trips me the fuck out. I always see shit and hear sirens and creepy whispers, and I'll assume I'm just too fried so I head home and the noises and hallucinations stop. It's like that park enhances my high , anyone else experience this at a certain smoke spot?

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  2. There's a small park at the end of my town that I toke at occasionally. It's really cool because there's an abandoned school on one side and a wooded area on the other. Occasionally I hear the sound of chains clanking around coming from the old school. Deer like to hangout at the park too sometimes so it's cool to just sit there and watch them.
  3. Anywhere in the woods man. I find that it's more of an inspiration than a high when I'm in nature, I really can think and enjoy myself and my thoughts

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  5. On the river bank and watching the sun cast on the water as it moves.

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  6. I live near this road that stretches about a few miles long. At about one in the morning, it's quite empty. I usually smoke a few bowls and if I stare straight down the road, I get pretty trippy. The street lights make the road golden and it is really beautiful.

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