Ceres purple

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  1. This is my friends CERES purple.... Its about to flower.
    Check back with me for more updates and pics about this strain.
    So far he says it has grown like a monster.
    Can't wait to see the buds.... :cool:

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  2. Nice healthy looking plant, look forward to seeing more pics. What are you using for lighting?
  3. Hey Thanks...
    It's under a 400 watt HPS. always around 77 degrees.....
    seed costed 11 bucks and as you can see, he got his money worth.
  4. No prob at all :) very nice indeed keep up the great work! Peace! :smoking:
  5. Hey thanks.... I'll be posting more pics of ceres purp later tonight....:wave:
    friend is in Japan on business so I'll be taking care of her for a few weeks...

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