CERES purple from CERES seeds

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  1. Heres 2 shots of the CERES purple.

    1. going into flower.
    2. 30 days in, and smelling like grapes.

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  2. well, it only took one of my photo's so the one above
    is CERES purple in flower.
    day 30.
  3. hello have you got some more pics of your ceres purple do they yeild alot
  4. That looks sooo furry. I was looking into trying that strain but I went with the orange bud instead. looks like I got more seeds to buy. You should keep this thread updated w/ more pics further along.:hello:
  5. say bro. How is the high on that? Looks like an underrated strain to me. I grew out purple #1 from dutch passion in '06 and it was kill!!!!!!!! let me know guy.
  6. word. ceres purp is totally worth it... very good stuff and very large plants.
  7. That's great to hear. I have a single plant going that's about 3 weeks old. I'm doing it outdoor though. Just took it out last night actually. I can't wait to see how it looks. Hopefully it makes it through til fall. I'm growing some Nirvana Northern Lights with it, but knew it was going to be a special plant and saved my best guerilla site for it.

  8. I grew the Purple Ceres strain outdoors in Colorado in summer 2009. Pure eye candy and great overall product.

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