cerebration always made him frown

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  1. Ok ok... so we got anti religion we got pro religion we got deep thinkers we got spiritually appeal... but what i havent seen for awhile DOCUMENTARIES!!!

    Lets get some recommendations up in this mother!! what docs you think my ignorant mind will be satisfied with to further my understanding of these four walls we call reality!!

    P.S. Docs ive seen and have been enamoured by them:
    The Secret life of Chaos
    The Quantum activist
    2012 time for change
    Constantines Sword
    The Elegant Universe
    The Illuminati
    What The Bleep Do We Know
    World of Money
    Esoteric Agenda

  2. turn off the TV....knock down those 4 walls .....and go live this mutherfucker!!!!!!;):smoke:
  3. documentaries maaan doccies!! i neeed them T_____________T

    Oh and you cant really do much in this life.. "to live a little" with out a little cash, some call it slavery others freedom i guess just take your pick :D
  4. I've heard Quantum activist and What the bleep do we know have both been extensively debunked and aren't very accurate or truthful. dunno for sure though.

    I liked Sectets of the Bible, The root of all evil, the genius of Charles Darwin, 12 questions for the Dalai Lama, and 1 I forget I'll post it if I remember later
  5. I just watched one on the banned books from the bible. Pretty interesting. Makes you think: what motivation did they have for omitting certain books and not others?

    Oh yeah: they wanted to paint Jesus as the perfect saint who never did any wrong.

  6. If you attempt to debunk something, you will find a way to debunk it.

    If you attempt to prove something, you will find a way to prove it.

    I think the Quantum Activist and What The Bleep Do We Know get into this idea.

    I've watched both docs. Pretty interesting.

    You are the creator of your reality - is the message these docs try to convey.
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    not to belittle this complex issue, but to ask a simple question: why can I not fly, then? I would very much enjoy flying. why is my reality not me flying?
  8. Like the above poster suggests, if you look at anything with a duelistic mind you will find the way to debunk it, but if you look at anything with a holistic mind you will see both sides and understand deeper, broader and further then any eye or mind can see today. I even tend to forget that everything is wrong and everything is right you just have to think above these physical restrictions when trying to understand things.

    What is the name of this doc? It sound relevant to my intrest good sir!

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