Cereal Appreciation.

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Well, my fridge is empty, but my cupboards full of cereal, huge sale on them, 1.97$
    for some of my fav. cereals..

    Mmm, 4 boxes of Reese Puffs, Lucky Charms, and Harvest Crunch..

    Whats your fav. cereal?
  2. Corn Pops- instant cure for the munchies and cotton mouth :) :) :)

    Toke on, my friend. :D
  3. Apple Jacks and Cherrios! :D
  4. I couldnt pick one, so I picked three Reesee's puffs, lucky charms and rasin bran:hello:
  5. What are sheddies and vector, ive never heard of them , my favorite is cinnemon toast crunch , that shit is dank
  6. Dude, lucky charms are the absolute shit! No wait, chocolate lucky charms, yeah, those bastards are dank as hell! Damnit, that reminded me of a story that I now have to tell, sorry guys. I was chillin' over at my friend's place, he still lives with his parents, anyway we had smoked a fat bowl of some wicked shoreline out of his chilled sherlock a little while ago and were going to the kitchen for a munchie raid. He gets two of those personal size frozen pizzas and I get a huge bowl of lucky charms, think salad bowl. So we're walking back to his room when his mom walks in the front door, she takes one look at all the food and then looks us in the eyes, and in that moment...I knew she knew! But it was all cool 'cause she just laughed at us and told us that we should stop smoking weed. The whole time me and my boy had these huge stoned grins plastered on our faces, like clown smiles. Sorry, just had to share.
  7. You dont even have Rice Krispies on there...dear God.
  8. No Fruity Pebbles? Alas!
  9. Capt'n Crunch peanut butter crunch
  10. yes where is the rice krispi treats cereal?!?!?!?!
  11. Hahahah, i love it..i have a special ceral bowl i made in grade 5, its huge lol.

    And there are WAY too many cereals to name..i picked the ones that came to my head first, i was baked and couldnt remember the names of them...:bongin:
  12. Where is Cinnamin Toast crunch on that list? CTC hands down, so fucking good when your high. Oh yeah and Chex
  13. Cinnamon toast crunch..... by far
  14. fruit loops! c'mon!

  15. for the win
  16. ya-hayyyyyy cereal.... i picked up $14 worth myself the other day.... Apple Jacks, Cocoa Pebbles, Cap'n Crunch, Crunch Berries, Pops, Frosted Flakes, and some Quaker Squares....

    anyway, if you like this thread,CHECK OUT THIS ONE
  17. Raisin bran all the way man.

  18. for healthy cereal..yeah man
  19. maple and pecan crunch...mmm pecan
  20. Honey bunches of oats takes the cake. Don't know if you guys know about cracklin' oat bran, but that also, is thy shit.

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