Ceramic Vs. Metal Vaporizers

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by briskl531, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I was looking at getting a vaporizer and found that some vaporizers have metal chambers, and others have ceramic chambers. Is one better than the other? If so, what are the benefits to one over the other?
    Also, what is the best temperatures to vape at? I have heard different numbers ranging from 350 to 450 Fahrenheit.

    Regarding temps, there really isn't a "best" temp.    Some like to vape at low temps for more of a cerebral high and some like higher temps for more of a body high.   A good mid-way point would be 380 to 385.    When you go above that, you start to get some nasty toxins such as benzine and carbon monoxide and the taste begins to suffer.
    Regarding metal versus ceramic, I actually prefer glass with ceramic being my second choice simply because to me, it provides a tastier and cleaner vaping path along with being able to spread the heat a bit better throughout the bowl without some of the high heat and cold spots that can occur more often with metal bowls.   Also, metal retains heat longer between hits which has a negative affect on both taste and efficiency.
  3. Thanks. What is the best portable vaporizer with a ceramic or glass chamber that you have tried?

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