Ceramic bong/pipe design ideas?

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  1. So I'm very passionate about pottery and ceramics and I recently got a membership to a pottery studio near me. They normally don't allow teenagers to have memberships but they made an exception for me because of my talent/dedication or whatever. Anyways, of course the first thing I want to make is a bong, now that I'm not stuck at my high school ceramic studio, but since they don't normally let teenagers in, I still would like the bong/pipe to be somewhat low key and discreet. I was thinking of going with a teapot design where the spout would be where the bowl would be put, and where the cover would go is the mouth piece for the bong. My question for you guys is do you guys have any ideas for designs for these bongs or pipes? An example of what I was thinking was I'd make a cactus (picture below) where the right arm would be the "spout", and the flower on the top of the cactus would come off like a cover and that would be like the mouth piece. I don't know how clear this is but I've just had some creative block for a while ago and could really use some input, thank you fellow artistic stoners!

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  2. I would do a cool aid man. It is round and you could make it big enough to hide any internal hardware you might need to make the bong work.

    One arm could hold a pitcher of cool aid which could be the bowl or the mouth piec. Probably the mouth piece just because of it being the highest point on the bong.

    The other arm could be "hand on hip" and made so a conventional glass bowl could slide right in at the elbow or top of the shoulder.

    Or maybe an aladins lamp! There are a million depictions of it out there so you could definately find something to perfectly fit a bong or bubbler type of design!

    Also you could say that you are making a lamp and the hole for the down stem could be for the light switch right? I would definately make the holes big enough for an entire down stem and not for a grommet and stem where you need a carb hole to clear it. Far better to be able to slide the bowl out of the down stem to clear it.

    You could also make all manner of bubblers and say they are tiny vases for tiny bamboo plants you plan on selling. whatever it is you plan on making, remember that it needs to work better then it looks to cal it a success.

    Good luck blade and congrats on getting into your school! I have always loved hand made ceramic bongs and when my wife and I move its one of the things we plan on trying out. Go you!

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