Ceramic Bong- any ideas??

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  1. So, In my highschool ceramics class we are supposed to be making these vases and shit based off of something from nature(such as a flower or tree etc) Instead of making a vase I'm planning on making a bong(hence the title) the only problem is, what do I tell my teacher i'm basing it off of?? The only thing I could somewhat think of was a flower bulb.

    Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appriciated
  2. bongs grow from trees silly
  3. Well how can I make a bong without it being too obvious to my teacher?
  4. Ah smart man. =D
  5. a phallus
  6. Just be careful, kids used to get arrested in my shop class for getting cuaght making bongs
  7. my metal shop teacher let a kid make a pipe on the lathe. he asks the kid what it is, and the kid straight up told him. My teacher shakes his head and walks away haha.
  8. i think thats a extremely stupid, dumb idea, your teacher is going to know what it is
  9. Just leave a hole for the stem, but before its fired put a unscored patch over it. After its fired knock that fucker out and yous gottsa bong
  10. LOL, i really wouldnt recommend ceramics for a bong... especially if u are making it in high school art class cause the clay u would be using would probably have a high sand content and be very heavy not to mention u cant see through it. if u used porcelain then i could see an interesting experiment but its expensive and i doubt a public school would have access to higher quality clay. if u were to make it, i would recommend throwing it on a wheel. if ur teacher gets curious u should tell them its for tobacco, LOL, thats how u legally get around selling glass, HAHA!
  11. schools are tobacco free zones.
  12. Sorry to bring back a thread from the dead, but make a tree. You got to make decoy holes for the downstem, and it will work perfictly.

    This kid made a bigass bong, and it looks great. He makes lots of pipes that no one thinks is any kind of piece.

    To all who say "OMG THE TEACHER MIGHT CATCH ME" when he fires these pieces, he wont think something is a pipe, or a bong. He has to fire a hundred other pieces, and he wont notice.
  13. I made a bong in my first ceramics class quite easily.

    Make the bong as it would be without the hole for the stem. No art teacher can argue that you made a bong if there isn't a place for a slide, or bowl. However, plan out a place for the stem to go. Go to your local hardware store and buy a glass/ceramics drill bit to drill a hole for the slide. Mine cost about $15 if I remember correctly.

    It will work, but expect it to take a while. It will probably take 20 minutes to an hour to drill your hole.

    I had a friend who secretly made a chillum/bat style pipe with a very thin piece of clay over the bowl and snuck it into the kiln. The teachers ended up seeing it after the firing, realizing it was a pipe, and made a speech to all the classes about making paraphernalia.

    Oh, the teapot assignment in ceramics 2 allows for some unique ideas for a bong.
  14. One of my friends made a bong and the teacher didn't notice. What he did is he made the body of a chick and her belly button was the hole for he slide. It is actually really nice. I also make slides and pipes on the lathe in my shop class. The teacher smokes so when he comes up and asks me what I'm doing I just say it's for my personal use and he laughs and walks away.

  15. Why dear god did you bring back a thread thats over a year old?

  16. My friend did the same thing. we were the TA's and he and I would get free roam in the backroom to make whatever with the teach checkin in every now and then but the kids piece was like 2 and half feet tall and it was a security camera on a light post . Had a little downstem hole with a sliver of clay over and a little glaze so we could tap it out later.
    Just make it look like something else... or get to be friends with the TA:smoke:

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