CEO of Miracle Gro wants to expand to MMJ

Discussion in 'General' started by jmick, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Saw a news article yesterday about the 55 yo CEO of Miracle Gro wanting to expand their business to the MMJ grow market. He says that their main sales were to Home Depot, Lowes and WalMart. He is looking to expand their business base by marketing to MMJ growers. Sorry don't have a link...
  2. Lol, now introducing Miracle(stealth)Gro, your first grow op kit
  3. Surprisingly Miracle Grow isn't that bad if you use it right. Sometimes I use it for vegging when I'm too broke to buy my Botanicare. I would never use it for flowering though...
  4. They will need to remove the chemical time release stuff from their product line. Cultivators call Miracle-Gro "Miracle-Burn" for a reason.

    Their Organic products are okay, though. Just make sure it says, "organic."

    Now that MMJ has proven it's financial stability (especially in this market), I expect more big businesses to be on board. When that happens, they will use their substantial clout with lawmakers on behalf of MMJ.

    Here is a link to an article: Scotts Miracle-Gro Looks to Help People Grow Marijuana -
  5. Can't wait to see a bag of Miracle-Gro with a hemp leaf on it....we're getting mainstream, baby!!!!
  6. Should be the other way around imo...those time release fertilizers are no good for a seedling or a plant in veg

    I'll still be buying FFOF
  7. Foxfarms CEO should expand their stuff to Walmart and Home Depot..

  8. So you would use Miracle Grow if you had to for flowering instead of vegging? How does that make any sense since you wouldn't be able to flush because of the time release?


  9. Why wouldn't you be able to flush it out? The nutes are released a few minutes after you water the soil. So you water the soil, give it a few so the nutes are released, then you water some more, flushing the released nutes out of the soil. Repeat process until your runoff is clear enough. Yea, it's a bit more work than flushing non-time released nutes soils, but it's definitely flush-able.
  10. You would be able to flush SOME of the time release out, not all of it. Just because the water is clear, doesn't mean there are no nutes... I have plenty of clear hydro nutrients.

    You don't want to smoke ANY nutes do you?

    Anyhow, I don't advise using Miracle Grow over other quality products. I was simply stating in my beginning comment that IT IS possible to do. If I was desperate and HAD NO OTHER CHOICE, then not to worry. It will still turn out ok.

    There are too many people on this thread that believe using expensive, high quality products makes up for their poor gardening skills.
  11. I heard about this last year and thought it was ridiculous then..... Miracle Gro is bad bad bad for cannabis - unless they create a WHOLE NEW kind of fertilizer specifically for cannabis that is high quality, then no... bad idea!
  12. How would they market their new soil as cannabis growing soil? They should just come out with a new line of soil that would compete with foxfarm. And if it's truly good, it will catch up with marijuana growers sooner than later.

  13. Have you tried growing with it? How long have you been growing for?
  14. No, I wouldn't kill a beautiful cannabis plant like that for no reason...
  15. You sure seem to know a lot about something you've never used before.

    Growers get nutrient burn because of THEIR mistake. It doesn't matter what type of nutes you use, you can get burn.

    Again, you can't replace skill with higher priced products.
  16. I don't know what you're babbling about, but its common knowledge amongst cannabis growers that Miracle Gro should never go anywhere near a cannabis plant... too many shitty chemicals to the point where a lot of people wouldn't even think of using it with other plants either...
  17. "its common knowledge amongst cannabis growers that Miracle Gro should never go anywhere near a cannabis plant"

    First of all, you're obviously arguing something you know nothing about. You DON"T grow so stop acting like it.

    Common knowledge? More like a myth made up by kids growing in their parents basement during their first two grows.

    I guess you believe everything you read too huh? Markers stay in business because of people like you.

    You know, your urine in the morning is supposed to be healthy for your skin. It's common knowledge look it up! Try it!
  18. Um
    1) I do grow
    2) I am personally friends with some big-time growers, some who have written definitive books on the subject
    3) Everyone I know who grows agrees that Miracle-Gro is shit that you do NOT give your plants.

    Sounds like you're projecting. Since YOU don't grow, I'd suggest not chiming in on the subject.
  19. Again you are arguing what you don't know. You said yourself you have never used it before, so how would you. Do you think that's the way science works?

    If that was the case, we would still be thinking the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth.

    By the way, it doesn't take a genius to tell your full of shit with your comment on how you claim you know "big-time growers who have written definitive books on the subject." Right... who do you know then? Seriously, even if you did, how would that have anything to do with YOUR experience on the subject.

    Your claims are from what you have heard from other people, NOT evidence. Instead of being naive, why don't you try thinking for yourself once in a while.

    I know why, it's because you're a spoiled little brat who always needs to get the last word. That's ok though, you'll reply to this with more nonsense and no facts again.

  20. I don't care if you believe me, I know who my friends are. And it has a lot to do with my experience, because I've helped them with their grows and learned quite a bit from them.

    Also, your attitude is pretty pathetic. I honestly have no idea what makes me a "spoiled little brat". I'm not spoiled, nor am I little.. and certainly not a brat. I don't know who shit in your cereal, or why you feel the need to defend Miracle Gro like you own stock in them or something, but you're coming off like a crazy person. Chill the hell out.

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