Central Jersey so beat rite now.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rickaysurvive, May 30, 2009.

  1. ok so latly Central NJ has just been so beatttttttt for anything fun out there.
    iv been beat for Molly 2 times in the last month. just given some bunk shit that did absolutly nothing.
    the bud is my areas has been just retched. the lowest of dro i have ever come across. and im dieing
    shrooms are like FUCKING GOLD. along with the molly. the coke is ok but theres still next to none around here and oh ya xanx aqre nearly impossible to find too.

    however when it comes to rolls i have been getting some of the cleanest nicest iv ever had
    pink stars
    purple stars
    orange g's up hoes down
    and these blue and white tyedye butterflys i just got i found on pill reports there supposed to be bangin!!

    but im trying to hippie flip so bad and i cant find shrooms anywhere. or molly for that case cause id like to do it wiht both for my first time.


    lets vent it out.
  2. true shit, i need a steady connect of psychedelics.
  3. i just heard of some acid coming in around here but i never dropped tabs before im sure is amazing i will this summer
  4. acid is an experience that everyone should have. good luck with that, dude
  5. yeah i plan on it being that way
  6. i just picked up a blue/white butterfly. did you take one yet? how was it? i picked it up in philly so its probably the same batch...ill take pics sometime soon
  7. its pretty dry over here too with cid and boomers:(
  8. http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=16384

    i know theres no pictures but these are them i have not taken them yet but a friend of mine saidhe took 6 the other day and was on another level there supposed to be very clean rolls.

    in this report one guys says hes got them in philly so yea they probably are the same batch also the date of the report is very recent check it out
  9. thats bangin, thanks. ill try to get you a pic and see if its the same...i wont be taking it til next week though, so ill let you know. do you have any pics?
  10. i dont have any pics i will soon im going to AC tomorrow nite thatswhen im droppin them ill post picks then and let you no!
  11. central jersey is treating me just fine haha.
  12. goood shit, i cant wait til i get off from work so i can rolll
  13. Central Jersey hates me
  14. Ive had some bangin shrooms in the last month. Also some bangin molly.
    Although i do have to go to other towns to pick stuff up.

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