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    Hey, I'm Fay. I'm 19, I've been smoking for about 8 years. I started too young...comes with being bored in Maine (; I was born in England, and moved to the states. I am going to school for Women's Studies. Basically, I'm in love with women, weed, feminism and probably your typical stoner lesbian. 
    My collection of pieces include:
    Three small pipes: Raj, Van Gogh and Tina
    Bong: Remmington
    Oil rig: Currently namelesss.......
    I roll some great blunts, and I could also wipe your fridge clean. Anyways, say high :) 
    (Below is Van Gogh dark and Tina with the purple background)


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    G'day! And welcome to the city. You may be a long-time resident of Maine, but I'm chalking up another count to the English population here on GC. We need to stick together.
    I really dig you piece names, particularly Van Gogh, my favorite artist. Any photos of that bad boy? Love to see 'em. :smoke:
    EDIT: Am I just stoned, or did you post those pictures at the same time that I wrote that post? :laughing:
    Regardless, dig Van Gogh! That's almost exactly what I was envisioning. Awesome possum.
  3. Thanks :) I think I added them pretty soon after I posted the original topic. You're probably stoned ;)Yeah I love him. Weird thing; Van Gogh cut his left ear off and I have a small chip on the left next to the carb. Kind of where an ear would be on a person if the piece is held vertical. And yes. Us english need to stick together . We are a slowly dying breed LOL
  4. I grew up in Nevada, Iowa
  5. That's about 7 minutes away from me. I dated a girl from Nevada lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    You must be in Ames then. :smoke:
    I figured you were either in Ames or Des Moines.
  7. Just outside of Ames lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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