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!*~Central IL - Dank No-Name Pick-Up~*!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Two-One, May 30, 2009.

  1. Got this last night.




    Got 3 grams for $40. Not a bad deal to me.

    Taste: It has a blend between a floral & citrus taste to it. The inhale has a more bitter taste than the exhale.

    Smell: The smell is more on the floral side for the most part. But when you crack open a nug, it has that citrus smell for a quick second.

    High: Def. a couch lock high. It will have you ripped immediately following the exhale. I take a nice rip from the bong, and on the exhale my eyes just want to close so bad. Had me baked for easily 2+ hours. Great for getting a good nights sleep.

    The guy is suppose to be getting some new shit tonight and I hope to get another 3 grams for $40. I will make sure to post pics if I get it. Happy I finally got a steady dealer of dank bud. Plus his prices are amazing.


  2. looks good man, a little leafy, but dank none-the-less. price is decent too, good pickup.
  3. yeah i agree. looks very nice. looks super fluffy.
  4. Yeah, a couple of the nugs were kinda leafy, then others weren't so leafy.

    Yeah, really really fluffy man. The 3 g's looked like 6 g's.
  5. You're very lucky too. I'm smokin on mids atm :/ Well, not even really, I got a drug test tomorrow. So then i'll be smoking mids.

  6. At least you'll finally be able to smoke then.
  7. looks pretty good. probably local indoor i would guess, by a young grower

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