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Central florida

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by G00N, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. anyone know the prices around here/some dank compared to mids
  2. im by tampa and that prices are

    50/ 8th

    that should help haha.
  3. ^this is what I pay in florida aswell, buy in bulk get it cheaper :D
  4. I live in Citrus County and I don't get any of these prices... Lucky bastards ;)
  5. orlando 20 a g
    50-60 8ths
    90-110 1/4
    275 oz
    what I've found
  6. [quote name='"SsYyNn"']im by tampa and that prices are

    50/ 8th

    that should help haha.[/quote]

    Same for us up in jax
  7. my dad fucking grows waiting for the crop shit til then if anybody wants to help me out haha
  8. Don't ask for hookups!

    And in Winter Haven I was paying for mids

    $25 quarter
    $50 half
    $100 Oz

    Fire was

    $200 for a half oz which was pricy

    and in Cassleberry Im getting OZ for $375 for some fire. I don't have much of a tolerance just yet and one blunt fucked me up good. Some type of hazel strains and diesel.

    I know people who smoke regularly and even they said whatever I was getting in cassleberry was good shit.
  9. damn..$200 for the half and $370 for the zone, that's that hurt but everywhere has diff prices and taxing I guess
  10. hell yeah man and I hope a blunt gets you faded haha, a blunt of mids would prob get me faded. If its dank then maybe half a blunt haha
  11. I smoke one regular sized joint and Im faded. But that blunt messed me up hahaha. I was so high I was starting to hallucinate a little. You know like it feels like when your looking at your phone that the words on the screen are floating. Stuff like that. So it def lasts me a long time.
  12. I never hallucinated before, but I have gotten to the point where I was dizzy haha,
  13. I wouldn't say I was seeing stuff But it seemed like writing was popping off of the screen and stuff. Sounds were getting an echo to them. Its because I have a very low tolerance and just a butt ton of weed that I can get that hight. HAhaha its awesome
  14. alright i found a hookup about 100 a quater for purp and og , and 80u a quater for no name loud

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