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Central Florida dank pickups.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Uphorik, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Hey y'all, here's a couple shots of some of my recent pickups around central Florida. If anyone is telling you there ain't no dank in Florida, tell them they ain't looking hard enough.

    Picked up some super dank Apollo 13 smells and tastes citrusy, almost like oranges with some hints of grapefruit. Real strong head high. Lasts like 4+ hours too. Lazy, yet functional and creative.

    More Apollo. Like I said, this stuff smells so good. Best smelling stuff I've picked up yet. Super sticky.

    Guava Kush, I've had Jarred up. Very nice, smooth smoke. Tastes kinda earthy and a dank skunky smell. Not a very overwhelming smell.

    Some unknown purple dank. Very frosty.

    Durban Poison. I picked up a few weeks ago. Only had a small bit, but man this stuff was very nice. A few puffs on a blunt with this stuff and I was giggly and happy. Really dank, stinky smoke.

    All pics taken on my phone, in poor lighting, but you get the idea.
  2. Damn man I'm jelly. I'd drive to central Florida to pick that up. Some good looking buds you got. How much is cost you?
  3. Standard prices really... $20/G $50/8th $100/quarter. Paid 350 for the ounce of Apollo. Pretty standard Florida prices, around here.
  4. Yeah those prices are good. Besides the 20/g but i rarely ever buy just a gram.
  5. Great least someone's scoring some great herb!
  6. Lovin that unknown purple dank
  7. Some of the dankest bud ive ever smoked came from central fl. Props
  8. any more fire FL buds man?
  9. friend from orlando brought down some of that apollo not long ago, nice nugs man, fl rep
  10. I'll be posting them as I get them from now on. I'll probably Reup towards the end of the week.

    Glad you all enjoy the pics. I'll take more as the supply rolls through.

    Although, I wish I could share the smell of this Apollo 13. It seriously smells unlike anything else I've picked up. It smells amazing. Almost like very sweet grapefruit or orange, mixed with different flowers. And it tastes just like it smells.
  11. Where you from? Just curious. I'm in Ocala.
  12. I'm in lake County. Probably about 45 minutes south of Ocala. One of my connects is in Ocala. I take a trip up every now and again to see what's on the menu. It's always fire....
  13. I'm in Gainesville and the bud here that I'm getting is quite below my standards from SWFL. Ocala would be a trip worth making for sure right now I'm driving 4 hours to pick up
  14. thats the one bad thing about living in florida, prices down here hurt.

  15. Are you in the 407?

    Prices here usually go around:

    Dank as fuck 90% of the time
  16. Another Lake county blade here, I see bud like that but it's too rich for my cheap
  17. Dam got some good bud there im in central FL.
    Had some good dank but havnt gotten my hands on those buds
  18. from the 407, live in gainesville now & my boyfriend lives in miami and i visit and buy down there all the time and you guys are getting ripped cause i can find 15/g 75/q 160/half anywhere i go, sometimes cheaper. in the 407 i could get 10/g. just moved to gainesville & the bud BLOWWWWS. hitting some decent mids out in my dorm room now & can't wait to go back to the 407 tomorrow to get some smokeable weed. the 407 and 305 have dank bud though so i guess I'm spoiled. you guys need the hook up.
  19. i need a good dank connect in central fl dude im messing with has a lot of no name i like to know what im getting
  20. By the way, that is not what I pay. But in Lake County, prices have always been around $20/G. Usually around here it's like $20/G $50/8th $100 / quarter. Etc... Usually see lake County zips going for 300-360 for quality. But I can usually get a zip from one of my out of town connects anywhere from $280-350. And it's always fire... Never a question of quality, cuz it always is. I see a lot of kids around lake thinking they're pushing fire, when it's usually good mids at best. I have one connect in lake I trust for legit hookups, usually has good stuff, but it depends, never know what I'm gonna get. Sometimes it's purp for days, others it's just eh.... I've had better. Whereas with my out of town connect, yeah I gotta make a run, but it's fire, and the price is great.

    And just an fyi I know some dudes out in the 813 willing to drop 375 for a zip of this Apollo. Cheers!

    Be reupping soon, I'll post some shots within the next few days.

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