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  1. Hey whats up guys.. So im about w months into veg and 2 of my plants are showing signs of sickness. It starts about up mid way on the plant and begins with the leaf tip or from the leaf tip and goes inwards on from the leaf tip. Leaf tips or between leaves turn yellow then brown. It slowly starting to go through out ny whole plant. Now my other plant is starting to do it. I was using genral organics but i stopped feeding because of possible nute lock out. I watered the shit out of them the last 2 days on my next feed with my other plants im going to fert them as well. Any ideas or help would be muchly appreciated. Its only two out of my 12. Thanks for all help![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. What's the ph of the water you're using? At first it looked like some kind of burn to me, but it's so contained... I don't know. Did you get nuted water on them?
  3. The soil ph after i feed them is about 6.8 or so its not a digital ph meter. When it started happening i never foilar fed until recently which seemed to help. I filled up theyre water area the oadt 2 days to hopefully flush if it was some kind of over fert. But i doubt it. All my plants would be doing the same thing. The pictures are just close ups of the one plant. Thanks for your feedback

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