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  1. Celtics Are Best Forget About The Rest.
  2. hell yea, if they had KG in the playoffs they woulda made quick work of Orlando. Now look what Orlando is doing to Lebron
  3. 7 Game series with the Bulls, is all I have to say. Their team is old, and they won't be competing in 2 years.
  4. Lakers lakers lakers
  5. eh. They've struggled against the rockets without their two all stars.
  6. without KG.... Or did you miss that post?
  7. still...
  8. Lakers beat the Celtics both times this season WITH KG
  9. I love how people just make assumptions like if they had KG they would've beaten Orlando. But wait what's that... you didn't have KG? Oh then I guess it doesn't matter. Wait till next season to prove your point, speculation on what could've/should've/would've been is just garbage that can't be proven.

  10. well we certainly proved it last year...dont forget about that. With KG the whole playoff picture is different and the celts and cavs would have squared off...whi knows who would have won that
  11. this is a statement that has no meaning.

    cleveland got shit on, they were #1 with the best record in basketball

    with KG we'd of beaten orlando and probably struggled with cleveland
    its just a whole game of different matchups..

    shortly we'll see how the lakers try and guard the magic inside out... gonna be tough:smoking:

    go celtics next year! woo
  12. Dwight Howard>KG
  13. Really? ^

    maybe with age.

    howard can only score when he's right under the basket.
    kevin scores anywhere.

  14. exactly.

    its also 2 different positions. dwight has a little running hook and dunks while kg actually has a premier mid range game along with the inside game..
  15. KG was out, but people are forgetting about Leon Powe. He was (arguably) Boston's second best interior player, especially in a complementary role with KG in the lineup.

    The Orlando series would have been much more interesting with those two guys in the lineup. Turkoglu, Lewis, and Pietrus are match up nightmares, though. No team in the league has the personnel to defend all three.
  16. Thanks for mentioning leon powe... the guy has so much heart
    was a realllly bad season for us :-\ better luck next year!
  17. Thought this thread was about Glasgow Celtic ha so dissapointed...

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