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  1. Hey blades so I feel like I'm rather inept when it comes to most modern technology. I've never owned a laptop and I have a Android cellphone, but I feel like I don't capitalize on the great options that come along with that. I know people who use emulators and all sorts of crazy shit on their droid, but I haven't the slightest clue about any of that stuff. Anyways recently I discovered that the microphone is kind of fucked up on my phone. When recording anything on Snapchat the video playback sounds absolutely awful like my speaker is blown. However it's not my speaker because my music plays perfectly. I'm thinking of getting a new phone because mine is kind of old anyways, so I want to transfer all of my pics/music from one phone to the other. One of my friends suggested getting and SD card, and I'd love to do that I just don't know how I'd transfer the files from my phone to the SD card. So what I'm wondering is do any of you have experience doing this? Possibly any advice for me? I could always use an app to transfer all the files, but I'd really love to have the extra storage an SD card would offer. Thanks to anyone that can offer your advice or experience!
  2. You push the sd card in the side of the phone then it's just a matter of choosing the sd card to save the pictures, there may even be an app to do this,
    I have an iPhone so I'm not the best at android but I'm sure that's how I did it on an old android tablet,
    Good luck

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  3. It wouodnt be your speakers, its probably your mic? Have yiu tried using earphones with a mic?
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  4. Yeah I know it's definitely the mic but I've tried using headphones and they didn't even work at all. Apparently Androids don't do well with headphones that have a mic attached to them
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  5. I feel you brutha. My apple earphones work pretty well on my s6, but there are tons of garabge androids unfortunately.
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  6. I'm thinking about getting that one that you can pour champagne over lol isn't that the s7? I've always had a Motorola phone so switching to Samsung would be interesting
  7. Supposably. Im quite dissapointed in my s6 if I'm going to be honest. A typical android charger will take forever to charge your phone, if you dont have the samsung one youre fucked. The perfomance is decent. The ammount of lag and how quickly the batterys strength deplets reminded me of my iphone 4.

    I believe they were the ones saying "dont be a slave to your wall outlet" hut yet i have to charge my phone 3-6 times a day for moderate use.
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  8. get a droid turbo 2 or maxx2 i have the maxx2 and charge my battery once every 2 days and when i do charge it its done in less than 2 hours with the turbo charger that came with it.
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  9. Yeah I have a friend with an s6 and he ran into the same problem. Personally I don't believe a battery really needs to charge any faster than they normally do. Putting your phone on airplane and then throwing it on the charger seems to be really fast in my opinion lol. I have a few friends with droid turbos tho and they love their phones. I will say I do like Motorola phones but I'd be willing to try a Samsung as long as I can transfer all my files to it
  10. Now that I think about it my friend said with his s6 he can only get music thru his Spotify app.. I usually get all my music from downloader apps from the playstore. Always have or I'll just use YouTube to mp3. How does music downloading work for you?
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  11. I have unlimited data so i usually use youtube or soundcloud. I had no problem on my s5 tho?
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  12. Interesting. I just ripped two awesome songs off YouTube so I'd honestly be sad if I lost that ability in switching to an s7 lol
  13. When you rip songs off YouTube isn't the quality garbage?
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  14. Sometimes. I just look for songs that sound good over my speaker and obviously ones that are unedited

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