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Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Well while riding my bike today i accidently hit a bump and i flew over the front of my bike and and arm/cellphone in pants pocket took the brunt of the force, luckly my arm is ok cellphone on the otherhand didnt make it. The screen part of the phone where you would flip it kinda came off. I know i will have to get a new phone but is there any way to get my photos and or/ my contacts off the phone. Iv had the same phone for like 4 years and i realllllly dont wanna have to get all the contacts again.
  2. just ask the ppl at the cellphone store your going to take it to if you will be able to get your stuff off there.
  3. Did you save the numbers to your SIM card or the phone memory? (does your phone have a SIM card?)

    If you saved everything to a SIM card, you should be fine.

    If your phone is in a condition in which it will not turn on and you saved the numbers to the phone, I don't believe there is a way to recover them.

    I'm not expert though, so I could be wrong. I'd definitely take it to one of your service providers service centers when you get a new phone and ask them to try and recover data so you can transfer everything to a new phone.

    If you did save on the SIM card - everything you had saved will be there unless the card was ruined in your fall as well. You've just take it out of the broken phone and place it in the new one.

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