Cell Phone Problem

Discussion in 'General' started by tdavis020, May 31, 2009.

  1. Alright so I lost my cell phone and have to use an old one my brother used to have. Its the first Blackjack that was made by ATT (cingular wireless) and its a good phone it just has one big problem. Every 5-10 minutes it restarts on its own just randomly and I emailed Samsung (makers of the phone) and they said I would have to send it in and the minimum cost to repair it is like $65 but it would probably be more than that since something is wrong with the internal piece on the phone. Anyone know of a way to fix this or of like what my best option would be to do?
  2. I had a Blackjack and never had any problems.They run like a computer.Something inside is wrong.Get a new phone $65 is too much to fix it.That phone is 2 years old.

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