cell phone microwaves

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    It's a clever hoax.

    Cell phones use a frequency between 800 and 2500 Mhz, which can only cause dielectric heating with a massive charge.

    Pulled off and presented very well, though.

    ADDITION: dielectric heating in microwaves ovens uses 2450 Mhz and required a significant charge to get any kind of tangible result. Cell phones on the other hand USUALLY range under 1000 mhz and use a very tiny charge... again, incapable of dielectric heating.

    Try it; it won't work.
  2. Yeah man, there is no WAY a cellphone has enough electricity to have any effects similar to a microwave. However, cell phone usage isn't healthy either for long periods of time. But I'm sure over time and through evolution our brains will be hardwired with cellphones or the ability to cope with high intensity waves. :smoke:
  3. lol i should have known you'd be here to set the record straight..

    do you know how they faked it? all i can find is clever editing or possibly a hot plate.
  4. Editing would be my guess. Anyone with an apple can use movie editor and make it seem real.

    If they used a hot plate it would burn the kernel way before it popped, I would think.
  5. Could be one of those warming plates. You know, the kind you can have on your desk and put your coffee cup on.

    I know a few cats who use those to soften and melt hashes and extracts without risk of burning them
  6. Good point. You know they actually have ones that COOL your drink? Hasn't anyone heard of ice? ;)
  7. Read the rest here:
  8. this bullshit has been around since the 80s when cell phones were the size of a small dog.
  9. The British are particularly obsessed with the Cellular Phone Radiation Menace.

    Sorta like how there were massive protests (1+ million people) in South Korea over US beef being imported because they think it's all contaminated with mad cow disease. The entire South Korean government cabinet offered to resign because protests got so bad. All because the South Korean people know jack shit about mad cow disease or American beef (there have only been 3 cases of BSE in the US out of 188,500 in the world - 184,000 of those were from the UK).

    The vast majority of people are incredibly ignorant and the media sensationalizes everything, so it's no wonder that people get paranoid about things that are for the most part, a non-issue. They simply don't have the knowledge to recognize that this shit is just not true.
  10. [​IMG] Hahahahaha! I found the bit about it being the size of a dog funny for some reason:D

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