Cell phone apps to use while high

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by pQUATRO, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Hey guys. Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier on another thread (if so inhonestly could not find it. I'm fuckin baked atm)but I wanna know your favorite app(s) to use while stoned.

    "I'm that kid in the corner, all fucked up and I wanna so I'm gonna."
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  2. The wiz khalifa weed grow game is fun
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  3. I personally like the Phone app - it’s pretty rad -

    Oh! The best one by far is the Internet app!

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  4. I like to see when the sun sets and when the sun rises!

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  5. To me it's just "what apps to use" seeing as i'm always high.

    What ever you like man, it entirely depends on you.
    I used to play a lot of games but the phone game market is completely broken with IAP and freemium games (and as a PC game dev it hurts me even more), now I just listen to music/watch some shit i like on youtube, it also depends where you are, if I'm at home - fuck the phone, I got plenty of other shit to play with, if I'm out with friends - I don't play on my fucking phone and hang out with my friends (and I take away their phones if they play it), on the bus for example - beside what i already mentioned I do some research on stuff i'm interested in, hang out in forums (I'm mostly on the unity forums), etc.
  6. Twerk videos
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