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  1. Anyone ever tried celexa? My friend gave me a bottle of these saying he didn't need them anymore, he knows I take drugs all the time, but I have never tried these yet.

    What exactly is the 'trip' like and how much would you suggest taking?

    Also, I was wondering if there's anything out there similar to a trip from Hydrocodone or Oxycontin and stuff like that.
  2. No, do not even bother, it's an SSRI, aka anti-depressant.

    Also, no....Celexa,Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, none give you a trip.
  3. I'm going to have to disagree with you on the vicodin, that shit's pretty fun.
  4. ....It's not a trip though dude. You get high but you don't trip.
  5. they wont make you "trip" but they still defintely have rec use
  6. lol ya lately Ive been seeing madd people calling different drug highs a trip,opiates don't make you trip bro,acid and shrooms do,and a bunch of other stuff but I'm not gonna list them.

    Defintion of a Trip-

    A psychedelic experience is characterized by the perception of aspects of one's mind previously unknown, or by the creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ordinary restraints. Psychedelic states are one of the stations on the spectrum of experiences elicited by sensory deprivation as well as by psychedelic substances. On that same spectrum will be found illusions, changes of perception, altered states of awareness, mystical states, and occasionally states resembling schizophrenia. The word psychedelic comes from a combination of two Greek words: psyche (ψυχή) and delos (δήλος). Literally, it means "soul manifestation".
  7. well ya, thats ashame though :( looks like I won't be doing anything tonight
  8. i would still take them...you just wont be seeing shit
  9. mmm, I'll go for it, I'll post the results :)

  10. NOOOOOOOO, wait please don't tell me you mean the Celexa.

    Do NOT take an SSRI unless rx'd even then, they're a mind fucker.

  11. they arent that bad dude...i guess you just had a bad experience
  12. Dude they can fuck up your brain's functioning and have horrible side effects with no rec. potential.

    Read and learn before you say stupid shit.
  13. yupp SSRIs are a horrible horrible thing to put in your body,and i tell people all the time but there all brainwashed and disagree.
  14. Because SSRI's fuck up the way your serotonin receptors function, and can permanently deplete their levels causing all sorts of problems that last for life.

    Just don't fucking do it, they are not made to abuse. I'm all for putting whatever you want in your body, but there is no point in using them. They only cause problems.

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