Celery looking stock please help!

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  1. So im growing in my yard.
    I noticed a stock on my plant that looks like celery. The plant is healthy but i am concerned, i dont know if it will effect the buds. Has anyone seen anything like this?
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    they do that sometimes.
    what was that on the 2nd pic? Looks like holes in the stalk....You got bugs or something
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  4. Yeah even a normal looking stalk has those they just dont protrude out always,,anyways all it is is chambers to uptake food,,water ect

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  5. You could have borer larvae inside the stalk? Termites will do that also.
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  7. I think the stock is split due to my buddy he was taking a look at it squeezing it, we heard it crack and that's how it's healing. If I had bugs wouldn't I see the leaves and other parts of the plant being eaten? The plant is green everywhere with no leaves with holes or any other issues. Is it possible for them to be just focus their

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