Celebrity Screwings.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NealCaffery, May 7, 2006.

  1. Yo!, lol im baked..what else is new eh? haha..

    Here's my question, which celebritie's would you like to bone? lol
    (Any kind of celebrity, actress, actor(if you's a girl), singer w/e.

    Me personally, Anna Kornikova.
  2. maria sharapova(to keep the tennis thing going)

    adrianna lima

    theres so many haha but ill stick with these for now
  3. adrianna lima??(whos she be meng?)

    Pamela Anderson :D haha!
  4. Jessica alba.....id do anything to get a chance with her

  5. Agreed. One fine piece of ass.
  6. Here's a good question for any straight guy....

    Jude Law or Janet Reno?

    If you're wondering, you won't take it either way, just giving.
  7. uh guys, Angelina Jolie. theres a reason that part of her name is Angel.

    damn she has an ass i want to be behind.
  8. Haha, i agree..she is a migghty fine piece of ass meng.
  9. Yah Id choose her too without a doubt.
  10. I'm going to have to go with Jessica Simpson. Every time I see her on TV I have to stop and watch. I think she's just stunning.
  11. Jessica Alba.
  12. heidi klum.

    without question.

    whoa, wykid is back!

    where have you been?
  13. Girls:
    I don't know why, but for some reason Helena Bonham Carter gets me goin' (she is really on the thin side though...like too thin.) It's the eyes. http://www.myclassiclyrics.com/artist_biographies/Helena_Bonham_Carter_Biography.htm
    Kate Winslet is hot too. http://www.gazette.uwo.ca/2004/January/30/Pics/06C Kate Winslet.jpg
    OH and...can't forget...Naike Rivelli http://news.softpedia.com/news/Sexy-Naike-Rivelli-still-in-the-shadow-of-her-sex-symbol-mother-Ornella-Muti-4955.shtml

    Johnny Depp. In full pirate regalia.
    Orlando Bloom. Also in full pirate regalia.

    Le sigh.

    Oh wait, I'm married. :bolt:
  14. to keep the list short, 90% of female celebs..:smoking:
  15. Johnny Depp.... :yummy: (yuummmmm)

    As for chicks, Christina Aguilera or Alba.
  16. I love my husband and every time anyone from his old band or an old groupie is around, I do feel like I'm banging a celebrity. (It's quite ridiculous how some old fans treat him, but they were loyal as fuck to the band. I guess that kind of thing never dies.)

    I wouldn't cheat on my husband for anything/one in the world, but if I were single and I could only fuck one celeb...tough...Lennox Lewis. meow hiss hiss :smoke:
  17. dbw....whos lennox lewis? what movies is he in?

    and guys, i know i said it before, Jessica Alba, but she is just sooo god damned hott that i would honestly give my left arm to MEET!
  18. I can totally see this scenario.

    Hi Jessica, I'm your biggest fan. *extends out knub to shake hands*

    Sorry i'm a tad stoned. :wave:

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