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Celebrity crushes

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by .AcidTrip., Jan 11, 2013.

  1. We all have a crush and I'm very interested on knowing who are some of the most desirable celebrities in grasscity so yeah :D

    I'm in love with Alison Brie, it's gay but damn she's perfect, plus she really makes me laugh :eek:

    She's soo retarded

    [ame=]Alison Brie (Annie) - Community S01&S02 Outtakes - YouTube[/ame]

    just a random video, not a big fan of community but I had to because of her.
  2. I've always had a thing for America Ferrera.

  3. Nina Dobrev makes me hawwny
  4. [​IMG]

    Idk why but paul rudd has sincere eyes..hes so sweet an makes me laugh
    I love everything about this guy <3 would marry dude in a heart beat :3
    other then him I have way to many XP but If I had to pick mhmm paul would be 1st :]
  5. i have no idea why i think this..but tina fey is fucking sexy
  6. Only reason to watch big bang

  7. Ever since I first saw her in Underworld.. Kate Beckinsale :love:


    If I were gay, Dave Matthews


    I love how he thinks. I feel very similar to him, but listening to him for years might have caused that feeling :p
  8. Sarah Jean Underwood is fire ... She looked so cute on Ridiculousness
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    jennifer anniston ftw



  10. Olivia Wilde
    Emma Watson
    Brittany Snow
    Sophia Bush
  11. I dont get crushes on fake people.

  12. Not all are fake. 98% are probably fake but that makes the other 2% so fucking desirable :)

    Scarlett johanson defiantly is my second favorite.
  13. Yeaaa man...
  14. Emma Watson.
  15. Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan....... I would pound them little whores for all they are worth. They'll need surgery when I'm finished with them.
  16. It's because she IS sexy!

    Not the best pic cause she's in character,but look at them legs! :yummy:


    And this is a good one.
  17. ^ Thought it was Sharon Osbourne at first.
  18. image-2354313416.jpg

    Fuck me until the moon falls out of the sky.

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