Celebrities on GC?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by JuicyGoose, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. So, there is a pretty well known bladie on here who everyone says looks like like this girl:


    Buuuuut i think she looks more like:


    Do you guys know of any other blades or bladies who look like a celebrity?
  2. She looks way more like the second girl.
    Assuming we're talking about Bliss :laughing:
  3. kannabiskid is simply an alter ego meant to disguise my true identity...
    But you'll never get me to admit it.

    btw- She looks better than both of them :D

  4. Yeppers, definitely Bliss.

    Dude, it makes me slightly angry when they say she looks like the first girl. Idk if it's just me, but that bitch looks old.

    And you're right, she's prettier than both, but she DEFINITELY looks more like the second girl... who is most definitely prettier.
  5. All this coded talk. Can you just say who it is???

    Also i am a celebrity. (in my mind)
  6. I'm actually Woody Harrelson , time to come out of the closet ;


  7. I KNEW IT!

    also frankie muniz reporting for duty
  8. i dont celebrate 90% of celebrities, i think the word should be changed to wellknownities

  9. I always knew it. Can i get your autograph?!?! :D

    SJ, i see myself on your little facebook thing. I feel like a celebrity. :)
  10. Right?!

    Who is that first old wench? :laughing:

    And for anyone who wants to know what celebrities they look like here's a great link that's fun. :)

    Gezichtsherkenning op MyHeritage.com - Vind de ster in u - MyHeritage.com <---- LMFAO how the language of that link changed, but it's a celebrity face recognition thing.

  11. That's Dee from It's always sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. She's a beast.

  13. more like a Deeast
  14. I'm Edward Norton :cool:
  15. Dee is not a beast, she is an ostrich.

    That facial recognition thing told me I look like a bunch of Asian woman... :eek:

  16. haha, no way!
  17. How did you not laugh during the filming of the Bill Murray death scene in Zombieland!?!

    I am Jonathan Goldsmith. Stay high my friends.
  18. I am so happy with what this turned into. lol. :p
  19. I'm Marc Emery...

    ...oh wait.
  20. Kid Rocks reportin in motha fuckas! :hello:

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