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  1. I got a few celebrex to start out my experimintation with stims (i know, pretty much as weak as it gets but its getting cold out, so hard to find anything good besides weed). I took off the white coating and ate it, separated the yellowish white from the green to negate the extended release, and ate the yellowish white, and i have to say, these arent all that bad. Sure, i bet it isnt anything compared to a good stim, but if i up the dose to two next time it could be a nice chill drug for hangin with my bros. I have a little tingle in my chest and energy, and can become intrsted in anything really, these are the 32mg by the way, i got 5 for $10, dont really know if its a good price but really, its just a 10. My body actually tingles a bit now, I'm guessing I'm at the peak, but I feel a little happy for no reason, so overall not bad, I don't regret getting them. Maybe I'll ind up doing all three, no idea, I'll know when the time comes :)
  2. Celebrex is an NSAID, as are APAP, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

    So either you didn't actually buy Celebrex, or you are very talented, and can make yourself feel high on command.
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    Whats with the sudden influx of retards trying to get high off of NSAID's, tylenol and antidepressant meds?

    Seriously, you guys need to find real drugs to do, not your mom's arthritis meds. Also, NSAID's thin your blood and taking too many can cause you to have problems, including bleeding out and being unable to clot if you get cut on some shit.

  4. shit, i must have gotten the name wrong ): I feel retarted now, uuuhhh, well, I know it's like ritalin, but time released... Someone will figure out what I'm babbling about, haha, sorry buddy :)

    I was wrong, I'm no retard :p It was concerta, At least they started with the same letter, haha
  5. I like my etodolac, but it doesn't get me high.

    Just takes away my corpal tunel (sp) pains.
  6. If it's concerta, ignore the retard comment lol

    I've just seen so many posts lately where people keep saying they get high off some retarded shit that doesn't get you high.
  7. Nah, I know what you mean, I saw someone asking about Lexapro a couple days ago, made no sens to me

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