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  1. My buddy wants to buy 30 Celebrexs for $30. I told him to wait on that deal to see if its even good shit beacause I'm suspicious its only $1 a pop. Anybody with information about Celebrex and if its good please comment.:hello:
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    god damn people are stupid
  3. google...or erowid...

    nah they are worthless
  4. google...or erowid...

    nah they are worthless
  5. Are you fucking kidding me? And I thought I had seen it all.

  6. Arthritis medicine WILL FUCK YOU UP.

    Actually it will just give you increased mobility with your hands and shit because you know, arthritis constricts your movements.
  7. And that makes it better/ok?
  8. Hey while this threads up I got a question.

    My buddy has some penicillin left over. How many should I take to get REALLLY fucked up. :hide:
  9. the whole damn bottle, and a fifth of wild turkey 101 chaser.
  10. Hah oh man....

  11. No, it makes it funny because my post was a joke, get it? :smoking:
  12. Too true.

    Celebrex? Really? WTF.:confused:
  13. Yeah that's a great site.

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