Celebrated Cleaning with some RooR MILK VIDS :)

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  1. After cleaning off the pieces I felt I needed to celebrate.... and make some milk vids! :hello: lol.
    In the first video im testing out the new carbon filter and afterwards i switch to my 18 mil bowl ((reason for switching downstems))... Had to hurry before class :p


    And the next milkage vid is just a little bedtime bowl.. Enjoy! :smoke::smoke:

  2. Sick glass...I'd love to see some high res images of em!
  3. sweet glass dude
    what did you put in your bong in the 2nd vid? looks like colored ice or fruit to me :p
  4. ^^ lol i think its just ice cubes wit those colord drops in them..

  5. They are actually just refreezable cubes I picked up from the grocery store.. They're the tits lol.

    But thanks guys, Ill try and put up some pictures as soon as i can figure out how to work my girls new camera hah
  6. Damn how much was in that second bowl? .4 or so?
  7. haha.. I didn't measure it or anything, but it was a decent little nug with a delicious little kief topping.. mmmm :smoke:

    i love taking a fat rip before layen down with a bowl of lucky charms and putting on some south park.. can you blame me? lol :eek:
  8. Song in first video?
  9. Modest Mouse, Float on.... Ftw lol

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