Ceiling Moving and Sounds Echoing

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  1. So i was sitting on my couch, finishing a 5th bowl of some gdp, and i was watching That 70s Show, when i looked up at my ceiling and noticed that it wasn't exactly vividly moving, but it was still showing signs then i remembered that i was watching tv, and i looked at the tv and realized that the sound was very faint, yet at the same time loud, and it was almost buzzing... and then it started to echo, and i looked up at the ceiling again and i was seeing shapes, however they were hardly clear like a vivid trick of the light... this is really strange considering that ive been smoking for 3 years and nothing this strange has ever happened
  2. I used to live in a apartment and the kitchen ceiling completely fell down and almost killed me
  3. my dad once fell from the attic into the bathroom. if he had hit his head on something he would be probably have died. toilets are fucking hard.
    i dare anyone to go punch their toilet and tell me it isnt hard as a rock
  4. what the fuck does that have to do with anything?
  5. hahaha sorry i got off topic cause the dude above started talking about his ceiling collapsing

  6. Fuck man your right that hurt :(
  7. No disrespect
  8. HAHAHA! that conversation just made me laugh so hard. fuck im baked :D

    OP, you ever smoke that strain of bud before? but no idea why that would happen dude. prolly just REALLY good buds
  9. alright back on topic

    idk if you have experience with GDP but that shit is dank. it always fucks me up. sometimes when i get a really good high, on rare occasions, some stufff like that will happen to me. it kinda reminds me of the thread about mild hallucinations thats floating around in the general category. ill edit it into my post soon

    it was actually right under this thread hahah
  10. I've been seeing weird shadows/light effects a lot since I took a short tolerance break and started getting really high. I see like, lights above people's heads or shadowy bands in my vision, also see a lot of floaters and stuff. I think it's from being high and staring at screens too much.. y'know they flash like 60 images a second in your face, it's not fluid motion, it's constantly flickering.
  11. This one time i was drunk running through a field and i got attacked by a cow i had to punch it, i broke my little finger but it was just enough to scare it away

    Op weed sounds pretty dank man :smoking:

  12. thread highjacker in action. someone get an air martial and stop this man

  13. I have shot down your air martial :p nah but i have smoked some pretty dank stuff before and thought the ceiling was moving.

  14. [​IMG]

    That reminded me of this

  15. I just watched that movie a little while ago AND last night. While baked of course. goood shit
  16. my ceiling moves all the time :smoke:

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