Ceiling height? Will this space work?

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  1. The space is 16' x 16' in a well insulated basement. A potential problem is the ceiling height. It's only 6'5" +/- tall with a few pipes that lower that height to about 6' in some places. I'm going to be using an LED light and would really like to use a flood and drain watering system. The fast fit tables I've looked at can have their height lowered to about 4" table height. I'll be using rockwool for my medium so probably plants will start at least 1' off the ground. Leaving 5' without accounting for the space the light will use. Will that be enough?
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  2. My tent is 6'6", just guessing, but you should be fine. I do soil, so not familiar with flood/drain space requirements.
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  3. just keep them short and fat try indica dominant strains
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  4. Welcome to the City.
    You can successfully bend Cannabis stems 90 degrees if you apply some strain relief first. New soft stems can be indented with your thumb for an inch or two and folded over. Do NOT Snap the stem as that usually kills everything above the snap.

    Older stiff stems will need a more aggressive treatment and a set of Pliers. Crush a 6 to 12 inch long zone where you want the stem folded over at. Tie them down as they will tend to try and stand back up.

    I've used this outside for years to keep plants below the fence top so you can't see them from neighboring yards. I've had big lanky sativa strains wrapped in a near full circle one year as the damn thing never did stop stretching out.

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  5. 6' ceiling in my basement and I do okay IMG_20221028_082820752.jpg IMG_20221008_122951548_HDR.jpg
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  6. Will be a tight fit, but can work. Probably want to avoid any lanky stretchy sativas.
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  7. Top them after the 5 th node and do some l.s.t and you'll be fine,I average 3 oz per plant doing it this way
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  8. if i reduce the table height to about 4" can I still run a flood and drain? The reservoir will not be directly under the table. Will this mean I'll need to change up the watering system?

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