Ccleaner! ~ HOLY SHIT

Discussion in 'General' started by Minimal It, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. just ran CCLEANER... hadn't run it in a while...

    over a gig of shit got removed... holy fucking shit... i never imagined websites and shit would be stored THAT much crap on my rig

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  2. I believe there is a way to set a time limit on those things thought your browser so it doesnt build up :).

    Or spybot search and destroy not only removes spyware, but removes cookies as well.
    And if you have over a gig of internet cache, its proly time for you to reformat.
  3. I love CCleaner. Run it on every startup.
  4. Psh, that's nothing. I run CCleaner almost daily, and I still get results like this:

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  5. i once ran it on a friends machine who had 11.3 GIGS of garabage
  6. Something doesnt seem right about that. Just seems like an extra program you dont need.
    Seriously, how can you have 11 gigs of cache?
    Who is the manufacturer of "Ccleaner"?

  7. dude wtf?!?!? i dont even know how thats possible... at that point its game over. you loose. i hope your friend imaged his disk when he got his rig
  8. Yea, I havnt heard of em, i guess that doesnt mean much to other people but ive been in the business a long time, and it doesnt really do anything for you that you+the OS couldnt achieve, and I am a huge advocate of saving space/installers. But whatever works good for the individual i guess :)
  9. CCleaner also empties the recycle bin and include that data in the count. I'm betting that most of that was just stuff from your recycle bin.
  10. What is this thing I have never heard of.
  11. yeh im serious 11.3 gigs i was like wtf myself but this guy never ever did anything and used the machine everyday for several years.
  12. oh man.... just hope you never get the "antivirus 2009" virus. cant get rid of it, I tried all the removal programs, and registry cleaners. Its the one that tricks you into a fake scan then "finds" and bunch of bad files, then makes you wanna buy their shit to remove it. That shit fucked my rig up harder than anything ever before. I had to hold the power button to turn my pc off every 5-10 minutes. JUST REINSTALLED WINDOWS AND SMOOTH SAILING.
  13. thanks my computer is fast. FINALLY!
  14. that kinds looks sketchy
  15. He was joking. Haven't you seen the commercial?
  16. You know, your humor takes intelligence, you might end up hurting people mang, but something tells me you already knew that.

  17. lol I've never seen the commercial... but its only a matter of time before someone on these forums clicks and downloads that shit.


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