CCG Bongs/Colored glass bongs

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by h4des, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Why doesnt grasscity carry them? my opinon i think they are the best looking by far i know a bong is a bong but i love looking at the colors of some bongs. what do you guys thibnk of them?

  2. i dont know.....i was kindof wondering the same thing.......?
  3. No clue....I really havent seen too many exclusive pieces on the gc...but yet the gc has an interesting assortment...but yeah I really would like some exclusive pieces on gc so I dont have to buy something at a swiss headshop and then bring it back to the states..
  4. maybe they cost too much or somethin. and that is something pretty big compared to the regular clear single-blown bongs they have in Waterpipe section.
  5. ^cost too much? the city caries the $700 volcano vaporizer...i doubt a color changing bong would be more than that.
  6. its prolly just because they cant get a good hookup. the supplier needs to be the producer, which needs to be able to make as many as GC needs pretty much.... and they might not be able to get lots from the few glass companies out there...... but why they do not carry pures, and roors and stuff i do not know...... they got some ok acrylics tho....

    *notice how no mods or anything have said*

  7. How can you say that GC has no exclusive pieces?\ Pieces/tf=ourprice/to=n.html

  8. notice how its been less than two hours..

  9. rotfflmgdmfao
  10. omg pwned.
  11. the CCG is alot harder to do..

    and they wouldnt be able to make an exact replica (to my knowledge), so having a pic of it wouldnt do much justice
  12. The guy above me is right. I'm 99% sure they cant make two color changing bongs exactly the same.
  13. ah i never though of that, but it still would be nice to have them or a nice multicolored bong

  14. but still they sell those one of a kind headies so why not one of a kind bongs
  15. yeah my friend has a CCG bong and its pretty sick. most of it doesnt change color, just the bowl/stem and mabey the chamber if we smoke a long time

  16. it'd be hard..chances are more than one person would want the same piece

  17. Maybe a mod would have noticed if this had been in the feed back forum!!!

    To answer your question, It has been discussed in the past...

    I will see if I can find the answer to the question..
  18. Never seen a CCG chamber. Not saying they dont exist.

    Nice av, ska :)
    Pink Floyd rocks.
  19. Should sell these witihn a month!



  20. Excellent :)

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