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  1. Hey GC,

    Sorry this is offtopic, but i have a quick question about CCC. Me and some friends are going to try some this friday, and i was wondering, since we are all first time users, how many to take. Just how many do you recommend for a first timer.

    Also, what medicine brand with dextromethorphine in it do you recommend. because i heard that some of them have other meds in them that can fuck with you badly and hurt your body.

    I just want to be safe about it, well as safe as i can get lol.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. i recomend you not ever do cccs and this is thew wrong thread for this shitty topic of a drug.

  3. Triple C's are one of those that can fuck with you badly. I recommend not fucking with them at all.

    Look for something that contains only DXM.

    Off the top of my head, there is one called DexAlone. As long as DXM is the only ingredient listed you should be fine.
  4. Yea the chemical is called chloropheniramine maleate, which is in Coricidin with dexthomethorphan.
  5. Go for the Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough. One 4oz. bottle should be enough for each of you.

  6. of course i would hafta stick my nose into every dxm thread but i see the queene of dex has already been here. i like the robo max cough jells better. easier to swallow and dont taste nasty. only 300mg per bottle tho.
  7. Different strokes, I guess. I think the syrup is easier to get down, but I have pill issues.
  8. ive taken every form of dex out there from sucrets to pure powder to those things that look like listerine strips n have dex in them
    hemp, dont ya worry about all that extra junk in the syrup besides dxm? theres gotta be mad fillers and dyes and shit in there, i would imagine the robo gells arent AS bad.
    the dxm only zicam is also a good shot, quick and eazy.
    thats why the powder is the best, pure dex, no filler.
  9. disclaimer: for informational purposes only

    well the title of your thread was ccc, but then you asked which brands are recommended, but you were origionally referring to Coricidin Cough and Cold

    theres 16 in a box, and there 30mg's each, 8 is good enough to fuck you up out of your mind, and also saves money if you and friends are trippin together

    robitussin- 4 people- 4 bottles-6-7$ each = 24-28$

    coricidin- 4 people- 2 boxes- 6-7$ each = 12-14$

    2nd disclaimer: negligent is not to be held liable for hospitalization and/or death, nor the bill associated with the two

    oh yea, n smoke weed on it to, u'll be fucked up like almost angel dust fucked up

    and if you look to your left and everything goes in slow motion, dont look to your right, cuz when i did that everyone went into fast motion n i passed out n wokeup in the hospital, n then passed out again in the hospital when my heart stopped, was a larger dose though, 4 times what i said

    but listen to other people if safety is a priority, although i know an assload of people who have eaten them

    yuck, i'm gettin sick jus thinkin about those fuckin pills

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