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  1. Hey I'm running a couple mysteries from sweet seed and I noticed they have alot of Cbd strains. I am wondering, is there any distinct characteristic that a cbd plant has that will give you an idea?
  2. can you please ask your question in a way its to the point
    i do not understand what your asking ?
  3. Does a plant with cbd genetics have any signs such as big leafs, number of of blades on leafs. I think I will most likely have to wait till I smoke it.
  4. a far a i know the CBD plants the breeders are making they look like normal THC plants ,,,mac,,
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  5. my experience they are more indica so yes the leaves will be larger . look into google this .
    sativa vs indica . other then that this plant will look the same as any other plant .
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  6. There aren't any visual clues but you'll know when you're smoking it because it feels like the potency is super low. CBD sort of works in the background and you don't get that high you get from THC
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  7. Thanks man, and most stuff these days is not straight cbd, just cbd rich strains. It's ok even if it is I have a buddy who likes the low potency stuff are my babies filling in pretty good.
    20190807_101518.jpg 20190807_104422.jpg 20190807_101349.jpg 20190807_101444.jpg
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  8. hi@Papa P' i argee the plant need come Cal etc ,,,but to me the plant looks nearly finished ready for flushing very soon ,,,do you think giving it cal/.mag now would really help in any way so near to harvest ,,,,cheers ,,mac,,,
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  9. It is not a nutrient issue its bugs that did that. Boooo oh and I think she is still a good 3 weeks before its ready.
  10. Yeah that's kind of what I meant was it needed cal-mag and I said it needs Cal mag man I'm so glad I grow with nectar now I never see that anymore calcium base nutrient

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