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CBS Poll on Marijuana Legalization in California - Vote Grasscity!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by I'm Not Sober, May 19, 2010.

  1. Taken from : Guys... look at the poll. We must help! : trees

  2. Still 50/50.
  3. fairly sure its rigged. i remember some guys on 4chan had hundreds of people flood it with yes votes and nothing ever happened. whatever. a 50/50 vote isnt bad, it could be an elaborate scheme to get stoners up and angry about something.
  4. Nah it's just a large pool, even 100 or 200 votes isn't going to swing it. Plus this poll doesn't matter and is probably very inaccurate - I would rarely trust anything except a Gallop poll for accurate polling statistics.
  5. voted..

    ...yeah its still 50/50
  6. This lol. Gotta be rigged
  7. its been stuck at 50/50 for a week with no movement whatsoever....

    Conclusion: Rigged
  8. I always have a hard time trusting the people behind polls like those.

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