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CBS Poll on Marijuana Legalization in California - Vote Grasscity!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by I'm Not Sober, May 19, 2010.

  1. Voted....50/50

  2. voted its still 50/50
  3. guys...this is from 2 months ago..
    SACRAMENTO, March 25, 2010
    They probably stopped publishing the actual results....but it would be interesting to know them.
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    This poll has moved a lot in a week. There was a thread about it a week ago. It was at 40% yes, 60% no at that time. The reason it is so biased is because it was posted on a prohibition site for 2 months. After it fell off the front page of the news, the only people voting in it came from the prohibition site. That is, until someone posted it here a week ago. Good job guys.

    Here is a link to the site. Notice they haven't updated the poll:smoke: White House Releases New Drug Control Strategy, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley makes his recommendations to Attorney General Jerry Brown
  5. Obviously this is a fixed poll.

    First of all, it's CBS...liberal.

    Second of all, even FOX polls have an overwhelming majority on our side.

    Third of all, about 20 people in this thread alone voted, so if it wasn't fixed, we'd see some 51/49 action.
  6. has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  7. Exactly.

    I voted, but I think I accidentally a coke bottle.
  8. the growers from humboldt are really starting to annoy me, they only want it illegal because they bank off it.

    that is grimey as fuck
  9. 50/50 damn they need to show totals, this is bullshit
  10. I love how it's still 50/50. CNN sucks...
  11. What makes you guys think it's inaccurate? Just about every worthwhile poll I've seen says it's pretty close to 50/50. Just cuz we want it doesn't mean everybody does, guys. We aren't in a clear majority by any means, especially when there are smokers/growers wanting to keep it illegal (Fuck you, Humboldt)
  12. Seeing as the poll has been set 50/50 for the past 2 weeks now, with no formal results, is a pretty sure sign something is up.
  13. I really believe this is rigged...or the poll wasn't setup correctly.
  14. ^^^exactly. Just recently I've had a new outlook on politics and the media. they are all full of shit and the American society is too full of lazy followers. The obvious changes better be made soon, but everyone is too worried about how they will look. Like Obama's new drug policy opposes weed, even though i'm sure he, personally, wants it legalized. Sure, why not, right? But there are alliterative motives and everyone only wants their best interest.
  15. They probably kept it at 50/50 because the heavy buildup of legalization supporters was surprising to them and they didn't actually expect the "yes" option to win.


    Or this is just one HELL of a poll. :eek:

  16. 2 weeks ago it was at 40/60...
  17. Also, this is a worldwide poll done over the net. Not something where they hire folks to gather info from around California. So it does not truly reflect the attitudes or voting agendas of Californians, who are the ones voting on the issue this fall.

    I am a real Cali resident, so here's what I see happening out here.
    Right now, I would say legalization has momentum and the majority of voters on it's side.
    The danger is that if we all just "assume" that it'll pass and people don't show up to vote that day.

    I am really surprised that they aren't showing polls with "75% of Californians are for legalizing cannabis". This would put us stoners into a false sense of security and diminish voter turnout, improving the chances for failure.

    Every poll around 50/50 or under is just more fire under our feet to get out and vote.
  18. haha no it wasn't it's been at 50/50 since the day it started and has stayed their ever since
  19. Yeah I guess you gotta look at it that way also, CNN is world news, but you gotta think that it would fall on either side just a little, I find it a little odd it's DEAD even., and has not skewed even the slightest.
  20. Still 50/50. Broken poll.

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