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CBD treats for dogs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by James_Pot, Nov 29, 2022.

  1. Do you make cbd cookies for your dogs? What strains do you use?
  2. No, no… you got it all wrong.
    It’s all about the BANANA BALLS!!:yay:

    but yes, we make CBD treats for our older pooches. We also sell CBD tinctures for pets in our dispensary. We use strains that are practically THC free and high in CBD. THC is not tolerated well by dogs so stay away from it.
    One strain we use a lot for general holistic purposes is Dr Seedsmans CBD. The phenotype we have tests at .7% THC and 17% CBD. :thumbsup:
  3. IMG_20221129_100609.jpg

    These are some medicinal strains that are low thc

    My big problem is the decarb
    I'm going to extract it but was unsure if the decarb is necessary
    Anybody have any idea which is better, decarb or not?
  4. Raw = CBD-a
    Decarb = CBD
    A bit longer and hotter then you would for THC.
    250 F for 50 min. Some say longer.

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  5. Thanks for the reply @BrassNwood
    It is hard getting a decarb time and temp that everyone likes
    250f for 50 minutes does seem to be the standard but there is some disagreement when it comes to the thc content being less than 1%
    Also, which do you think would be more medicinal decarbed or non decarbed
    There is CBDV-A and CBG flower in there too
  6. Decarbed, The Active form is what gives the best relief. I only use the (-a) acid versions when I have someone who just can't tolerate the active form of THC at all in any amount.

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