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Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by om namah shivaya, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I just purchased some hemp oil containing CBD. Personally I am going to use it to treat my general anxiety and social anxiety. It was kind of pricey for a small bottle but I have tried everything from medications to light therapy to talk therapy to natural OTC "stress relievers" with little to no success with any of them. I used to smoke but I was not smoking strains high in CBD, as where I was getting it most of the strains were probably high in THC, which is known to cause higher anxiety in people with already high anxiety and cause more paranoia. In any case, even if I lived somewhere where I could get a breakdown of the THC to CBD content in my weed I'm not going back to smoking for personal reasons - which is why I'm interested in tinctures and extracts now.
    tl;dr Has anyone tried a CBD extract oil? What were your results? How much did you use and how did you feel the effects? How long did it last? What was the strength of your oil?

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  2. Okay, so my hemp oil came in yesterday evening and I was stoked as hell to try it. I ordered the Dew Drops Hemp Oil Supplement from Dixie Botanicals in the 1 oz 100 mg dose. On the way home from picking it up I took the recommended dose of 15 drops on the tongue, held for 60 seconds and then swallowed. I'm not sure if I felt calm from the oil itself or just from the placebo effect of the drops after having been anxious and excited all day to get ahold of them. So this morning I got up before work at 7 am and I took twice the dosage, 30 drops. I tried meditating, which I had a lot of difficulty with still, so I did a similarly meditative activity for me and drew for an hour on my balcony while the sun came through the trees. I felt good. Slightly different in the first few hours at work, though not in a noticeable enough way that I can describe exactly "how" I felt different. At lunch I took another dose of 15 drops. This time I felt it ~ in the first 30 min-hour I felt like I had an incredibly weak high without the paranoia that smoking usually brought me. I was standing talking to coworkers and I remember being more aware of what I was saying. I felt comfortable. After the first hour of the most "intense" feeling had worn off I just remember feeling like my chest was opened up. It was easier for me to take control of my breathing.
    I will report more on the effects as I use it more. Wish the bottles and capsules weren't so expensive though, because it seems like this might be an effective way to treat my anxiety, though I might not be able to sustain it :/  (LEGALIZATION PEOPLE!) 
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  3. Your description of it really brought me a good feeling. I'm expecting my bottle to come tomorrow and I'm so pumped to try it. How long could you say the 100mg bottle lasts? Also have you tried High CBD Cannabis? I'm looking to grow some or buy some for medication if its more worth it than the drops.
  4. Please more feedback on smoking cbd hemp oil
  5. I own the medical marijuana stock mjna and they are partnered with dixie botanicals. I was interested in their product so I ordered the cbd capsules. They worked great for giving you a nice relaxed feeling without being dopey. The only negative is the cost. They are about 8-10 a pill.

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  6. Sounds like you are doing well, with good results.  Keep an eye out at dispensaries for high CBD oil -- it may be cheaper than what you are using, but also may have too much THC for you.
    Anyways, experimenting with small amounts of these things is quite safe. Good luck.
  7. High, I got on here a few weeks ago (this could be long) sorry. Someone found me right out of the gate. He gave me a link, I went there, I had seen that link before but did not trust it as, people sell everything on the internet and you take a chance. Like when we ordered a Drone from China and customs stopped it from coming into the US, it was about the time the law changed and you had to register your drone. We think that is what happened but the company did give us our money back. So, back to CBD, I ordered some, but I actually called the place and spoke to someone and he gave me a lot information, some I did not understand BUT he asked me if he could send me some information that my doctor would understand because my Psychiatrist, who had wrote prescriptions for dranobinol, you know what that is, right? anyway he has an open mind. He believes that MJ has a place in the medical industry for everyone. But big pharma does not want it. You know why, I am sure. But he was interested to learn that he could possibly get involved with the CBD, which he knew all about already, and told me to send him the info. My question would be as the company I ordered it from, and I spoke to on the phone would not tell me how much to use because he said he was not a doctor but you could tell he was probably a grower. He was really nice. He sent me a salve for me knees, the scares, because I had BOTH replaced at the same time, last AUG. OMG what pain, what a horrible pain. For 6 weeks to 8 weeks. I have PTSD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, not so bad now, but in the beginning I could not answer the phone, go to the door. This was years ago, If someone knocked on my front door, I would hide in the walk in closet or get this, sneak up to the front door, and squat down and listen, but I was froze until they would leave. That was the worst time in my life! I was like that for three years. I understand panic, aniextity, (I can't spell) I guess where I am going with this is how do you know that what you bought was CBD and not THC or just some oil that they made with nothing in it. I felt different to. I have took it, now looking at the date, for 6 days. Which it seems like a lot longer than that. I got 2 ozs with 500MG's of CBD. That is what the label said. I did not take as many drops as you, but for the first 4 days I was alone, 24 hours a day for 4 days, my HB is a bail agent BUT he has nothing against MJ. He has seen me suffer, he wants the magic pill to. I want my life back. I want to feel ok out there. Anyway, the 4 days I was alone, I seemed better, when he got home, I was back kinda, like I was sleeping all night which I have not done in years, but when he was home, I could not sleep again and it has nothing to do with him. Without him I would not have survived. I have PTSD too and it did not hit me until 2008, but I had been fighting it all my life or since I was 16 or so. But I was successful, over achiever, made a bunch of money, and then something happened and my big wall I had built all those years crumbled and I was paralyzed. So, my Psychiatrist has brought me along way. But I am getting so tired of being so paranoid. So, I guess after this long history here, so you understand a little about me, do you think that it really is working for you. Do you think you bought it from the right place, how did you decide? Sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading
  8. Bahahah don't smoke it
  9. ok, I wasn't
  10. I was talking to the other guy who asked about it
  11. I have just purchased CBD oil and it is best for pain, anxiety and panic attacks.
  12. Be careful when you ordering..try to find tested and certified products by third-party labs and not from China!
  13. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.
  14. Yes, you are right I always try to purchase CBD oil from the certified and tested company and never has any problem dealing with them.
  15. I've been using CBD oil now for about 4 weeks I'd guess?

    Mainly for pain, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, but I occasionally se it if I get too high as well

    It's worked quite well

    What dose are y'all using? I started at 25mg twice per day and haven't tried a higher dose as of yet as it hasn't seemed necessary
  16. Why revive a years old thread lol. But anyone wanting to try CBD tinctures or medications that contain CBD. I was told for my pain. And anxiety by my referring doctor to get a 20:1 CBD to the ratio edible or tincture, or even vape cartridges.

    Believe me when I say a 1:1 ratio vape cartridge does it's job. I'd go for a 20:1 oil to fill them up myself but I don't want to spend $100 a half gram

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  17. Because the latest response was recent lol.

    Mine pure CBD but I'll def. Be getting a product with thc next time
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  18. Are you taking a tincture? Or are you using rso orally? And how bads your pain/where's it at if you don't mind me asking?

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  19. I'm using a sublingual tincture.

    My pain is pretty gnarly. I basically blew out everything in my right knee and couldn't get surgery because it formed a blood clot.

    It's been like this for almost a year, as I was diagnosed by 4 different specialists with reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

    Aaaaaaand of course they just wanna go the opiate route. Not me however lol.

    Frig they offer oxys, percs, then tramadrol then Tylenol 3's and im not taking any of that shit unless absolutely necessary

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