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CBD Oil CBD Oil recipe didnt work, please help

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by Deleted member 1115315, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. hello all

    so i decarboxylated 7 grams of quality hemp at 250F for 35 mins (ive eaten hemp using this method and it works great; i may decarb at a higher temp next time just to see the differences).

    After the decarb, i used the double-boiler method where the top part or pot was infusing at a steady 170F. I used 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Let it infuse for just over 2 hours.

    Strained it, let it cool for like 20 mins, and tried it with zero results. not the slightest buzz.

    should i try 1/4 cup of oil to 7 grams of hemp???
    just picked up a bottle of lecithin..not sure if this is going to make the slightest difference.

    What am i doing wrong??? Should i skip the double boiler method and just throw the decarbed hemp and oil into a mason jar and let it sit in a cool dark spot for 24 hrs???

    please help. thanks
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  2. Decarb takes 40 mins at 240 dude, you are aware that CBD doesn't get you high in any way shape or form right???
  3. right, but im not using CBD isolate or anything like that, im using the whole hemp plant.
    CBD Oils can offer great physical and mental effects and im not getting either from my method.

    CBD isolate can get your pretty buzzed, just an fyi...its not trippy at all but you definitely feel "stoned" per say.

    Not sure if you know (you may be a strict THC user), but you can get quite a buzz from eating cooked quality hemp. 1.5 grams does the trick. Depending on the strain, it can almost be a trippy buzz which probably has everything to do with the little THC in the plant. please take no just looking for suggestions.

    Many folks have created quality DIY CBD oil which is my goal.
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  4. It doesn't matter if you used 1000 CBD Hemp plants it won't get u high bro lol, I've consumed bottles of CBD oil & they don't do shit for the daily chronic pain I get :confused_2: I've had good experiences with CBD creams/lotions though :confused_2::laughing:

    I agree it does something to u but you don't get high/buzzed from my experiences
  5. ive had success with the oil and with eating it...i do vape it, but im really trying to avoid this....not to mention the effects from eating or using the oil are way better imo.
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  6. Have a look at purchasing the “ Ardent Nova” absolutely amazing device. They are on YouTube.

    One of the best carrier oils to use when making cbd is MTC oil.

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