CBD Oil Capsules as Effective?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with putting the CBD oil into gelatin capsules versus taking it sublingual and seeing the same results? I know the best way is apply the drops directly under the tongue and hold for about a minute before swallowing but it's not possible because this stuff literally tastes like juiced pine cones and immediately triggers my gag reflex.
  2. Sublingual will always be quicker I'd imagine as it is in most cases when it comes to other substances. This would all depend on CBD's absorption rate via different routes of administration. Somethings have better bioavailability via different intake routes than others, basically means if you have 100mg of CBD and one person takes it sublingually and the bioavailability is 68% then you'll get 68% of that active substance, or if someone ingested it and it's broken down more via normal swallowing of a pill and the bio is 80% then you''ll get 80% of the initial dose into you.

    Here is some more info from
    Bioavailability of Cannabinoids via Ingestion - Developing an Advanced Delivery Model | Cannabis Health

    "The topic of cannabinoid absorption is well understood and has been repeatedly studied. Bioavailability of CBD (or of THC) varies greatly by delivery method. Smoking typically delivers cannabinoids at an average bioavailability rate of 30%2. Cannabinoids that are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth (buccal mucosal application) have bioavailabilities of around 13%3. By comparison, orally consumed cannabis edibles typically deliver cannabinoids at an average bioavailability rate of only 5%4 .

    Bioavailability from both vaping and sublingual drops, by the way, fall inside the range established at the high and low ends, by smoking and edible ingestion respectively. Absorption of cannabinoids through smoking (burning is an oxidizing process) is relatively high because the molecules are not required to pass through the hostile stomach environment, and instead are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs"

    Hope this helps. It seems there would be less available cannabinoids by taking it orally compared to the 13.3% compared to the 5.4%, but I'm not sure this would be the case because taking an edible is a whole different experience from other methods of ingestion. I would imagine you would still benefit regardless.
  3. If you're going to put it in capsules you may as well stick them up your butt. It'll be absorbed and skip first pass metabolism just as if it was under your tongue but without the taste. You will probably even get more benefit considering holding it in your mouth for only a minute isn't enough time for absorption.
  4. I don't understand the question

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