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CBD Oil CBD oil and spit germs

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by bigmikey87, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Hello, i bought some Marys cbd oil about 9 months ago, worked great, but stopped using it about halfway through the bottle. During my usage sometimes I would accidentaly touch the pipette on my tongue, and even remember sucking up a bit of spit inside of it once. This may be a question for some sort of medical forum rather than here, but wanted to ask anyways. Do you guys think that there are some nasty germs or bacteria in that bottle of oil after being left dormant for at least 6+ months? The pipette is attached to the bottom of the lid, so it sits in the oil when I'm not using it. I tried googling some answers, all I really found was that most bacteria cant live in oil because it needs water to survive, but there are some that can live without it, and I really don't know how germy human spit is to begin with and how that ages over time.

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  2. Mike, I don't have a reference for you. My common sense says it's OK. Don't blame you for wondering, but I would use it in a heart beat.
    You're not ill, are you?
  3. I read that introducing saliva to the bottle degrades the tincture. What I do is use an empty 3 mL syringe and put the tincture in it by removing the plunger, placing my finger over the other end, and use the pipette to put the tincture in the syringe and put that in the mouth. My dad has dementia and can’t do something like open his mouth for me to do drops, and I want to protect the integrity of the solution. It doesn’t matter if he puts the whole syringe in his mouth b/c the syringe never touches the CBD bottle or pipette.

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  4. no i'm not ill and wasnt at the time :)
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  5. I always squeeze a few drops into my palm and then lick it (with clean hands).

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