CBD Dutch Treat small buds?

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  1. First time grower, I am in week 9 of flower with CB Dutch Treat and I think the buds should be bigger. Pistils have changed color. Should I wait a bit longer to harvest? Not enough light? Thanks

    General hydroponics flora nutes
    mars hydro led reflector 48
    8 100watt equivalent 2700k CFL
    temp 21-23 C
    50-60 % humidity
    Multiple fans blowing
    12/12 photo period
    completely blacked out room (no glowing leds)
    Vegged for 5-6 weeks

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  2. Light = Growth. Those CFLs aren't doing these babies justice, though they do look impressive for the setup. You need way more light intensity on those babies to get the density you're looking for. Keep them for supplemental lighting, but you need at least a 400w HID if you can't get a 600w.

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  3. Yeah those cfls are basically just wasting heat efficiency and energy. Doesn't matter what the equivalence is, always go by true watts. Even for your led. I think the 48 has a 2ft footprint.

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  4. If you want to grow a plant that big and still stick with LEDs, I'd suggest looking into a COb

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  5. Thanks for the input, I kind of figured there wasn't enough light intensity. Any recommendations for a good LED grow light?
  6. Timber makes some really nice cobs. That's what I'll be getting next. Just look up cob led grow lights. You'll find something you'll like.

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